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Rotary leaders meet in Chiang Mai

Rotary leaders meet in Chiang Mai

Presidents Elect receive leadership training

The incoming District Governors, Vichai Maneewacharakiat 3330, Peera Potipipith, 3340, Kasemchai Nithiwanakul 3350 and Napon Inkham 3360 introduce themselves.

Nopniwat Krailerg
Chiangmai Rotarians played host to almost 300 hundred club Presidents elect at the Presidents’ Elect Training Seminar (PETS) held at the Chiangmai Phucome Hotel on April 22-23.

The PETS seminar is held every year to train the incoming leaders of the Rotary clubs not only in Thailand but also all over the world.

Prof. Dr. Kasem Wattanachai speaks on ‘Social Responsibility’

Learned speakers from all four Rotary districts in Thailand namely 3330, 3340, 3350 and 3360 shared their knowledge and feelings with the incoming leaders who will be taking on their responsibilities as club presidents on July 1, 2006. The Seminar was organized by District 3360 RI Governor Elect Napon Inkham and presided over by Noraseth Pathmanand, Director of Rotary International.

Experienced trainers spoke on the various subjects pertaining to Rotary leadership skills. They reminded Rotarians that giving something back to the community is only one reason for their involvement, but also an additional factor is the suggestion that Rotarians have one team and one goal. No one person cares about taking the credit for a successful service project. Rotary takes credit.

RID Noraset Pathmanand delivers his opening speech.

The trainers went on to explain that Rotary also gives members an opportunity to meet other community leaders and be part of a respected group, ‘doing extraordinary things.’ In addition to local community service, ‘Rotary impacts the lives of thousands of people in third world countries with their world community service.’ This is very rewarding and forces members to stretch themselves during the process.

Explaining the symbols of the organization they said the Rotary wheel can give our life balance with its spokes representing various aspects of satisfaction such as: community and international service, social, companionship, camaraderie of breaking bread together, and family involvement. It feels good to be in the Rotary winner’s circle with other successful people.

Through involvement in Rotary projects and experiences one can learn many lessons and leadership skills. Communication, teamwork, innovation, delegating and counting on others are all part of the package. Rotary is an expression of concern, one for another. It represents power with people, not power over people.

Past District Governor Tawee Taphingkae,
hits the gong to declare
the seminar open.

As a bonus for the delegates, on the evening of Saturday April 22 there was a special lecture, on “Social Responsibility” given by Privy Councilor Prof. Dr.Kasem Wattanachai. The theme was social matters, social responsibility, and how to conduct “Social Responsibility.” He talked about cooperation between three groups, the government sector, private sector, and civilian sector, advocating they should walk together, support each other, and help each other. He also spoke on modern technology which comes to humanity not only to improve the quality of people’s lives, but should be used to slow down the devastation of the environment, so that there will be natural resources for future generations to enjoy in years to come. He cited the instance of Thailand, that had enjoyed economic and social development for the last 40 years, but it was noticeable that our forests had been destroyed during this period of economic growth. He therefore suggested that Rotary members should create useful programs to maintain natural resources, which would be of tremendous benefit to the nation.

Rotary International Director, Noraseth Pathmanand (5th right) and PDG Dr. Saowalak Rattanavich (5th left) are welcomed at Chiangmai International Airport.

Rotarians from around Thailand attended the seminar.

PDG Xanxai Visitkul (left) welcomes Dr.Chao Duangduan Na Chiangmai (center) to the Chiangmai Mail booth at the seminar.

(From left) District Governor Nominee Pratheep Malhotra, District Governor Elect Peera Potipipith, Past District Governor Xanxai Visitkul, Member of Rotary extension South and South Asia sub-committee and Past District Governor Premprecha Dibbayawan.

The Chiangmai Mail team led by Sutasinee Maneekul (center) was on hand to distribute newspapers and books about their Majesties the King and Queen to the delegates. Seen are PDG Rathpratheep Kirati-urai, (left) PDG Surat Buawan (2nd left) and PP Dennis Stark.