Blue Diamond Breakfast Club

Down a little soi in a neighborhood that is filled with guesthouses, internet cafes, laundry services and small restaurants sits the delightful and delicious Blue Diamond Breakfast Club. You’re not limited to breakfast here, though, and you may want to try some of the delightful sandwiches when you visit. But what caught my eye was the focus on fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, especially avocado. The food at Blue Diamond is healthy and herbal, organic and even vegetarian if you so choose, but don’t for a minute think that it’s boring or tasteless. We went recently, intent on exploring the variety of teas and shakes, breakfast and luncheon items. Here are our favorites.

If you’re a coffee drinker, Blue Diamond offers a variety of choices. A fresh cup of tribal-grown coffee is only 25 baht, café au lait is 35 baht and even café Viennese is offered at 35 baht. Fruit shakes, a delicious refresher in hot weather, are varied and equally well priced. Pineapple, watermelon, mixed fruits are all on the menu – ten varieties in all are offered – and are priced between 20 and 28 baht for a generous serving. Additional shakes such as mango are offered in season. The watermelon shake was sweet (no sugar added) and cold with tiny bits of melon immersed in the liquid. A variety of juices is also available, ranging in price from 25 to 35 baht. Blue Diamond has two herbal tea menus, one posted on the wall listing 16 different teas and one inside the printed menu. The one posted on the wall includes galangal, lemongrass, ginger and a variety of other teas that are priced from 20 to 30 baht. The teas inside the printed menu appear to be medicinal in nature, a reminder that we are indeed in a neighborhood filled with tourists and guesthouses. Tumeric tea is listed as helping indigestion, while beal tea is considered an expectorant. Feeling healthy and refreshed by the fruit shakes, we skipped those.

Blue Diamond makes its own muesli, and serves soy milk, yogurt and ice cream as well as dairy-based products. Other cereals are also available with fresh fruit, and are priced from 45 to 50 baht. We were attracted to the omelette menu, which included your choice of vegetables, meats and cheese at 45 to 55 baht. Gina ordered an avocado and cheese omelette, and was not disappointed. Not for a minute. If your tastes lean to traditional bacon and eggs, you will also find it. And don’t forget to look around at the fresh breads and muffins, cookies and sweet bars. All are baked right there every day.
If you’re in the mood for soup, the servings at Blue Diamond are huge and the soups are tasty. The macaroni and tomato soup with mushrooms and tofu was delicious at 45 baht. For an additional 15 to 25 baht, you can add chicken, pork, squid, fish or prawns to that soup.

A full menu page is devoted to the many avocado dishes that are offered. Priced from 65 to 85 baht, they’re a bargain as well as a taste treat. There’s an avocado and egg sandwich as well as a super deluxe avocado, chicken, cheese and bacon sandwich. There are avocado salads and even avocado spread (guacamole) and bread. Whatever your choice, try this delicious, creamy fruit while it’s in season. The menu will remind you that avocado is good combined many ways, and the restaurant will allow you to be creative in your choices.
The Blue Diamond Breakfast Club isn’t easy to find unless you’re familiar with the many guesthouses in this neighborhood. On the inside of the moat, drive on Moon Muang past the Somphet Market to Soi 9. Turn to the left. You will soon notice an open parking lot. For 20 baht you can safely park off of the street and walk the remaining way to the restaurant. Otherwise, the sois are narrow and the parking places few. Proceed down Soi 9 to the OK Tour and Guest House. Follow the road to the left. The Blue Diamond Breakfast Club is down on a corner. Open 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sundays.