Vol. V No. 19 - Saturday May 6, - May 12, 2006
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Where are the topless Tuk Tuks?

Where are the topless Tuk Tuks?

To the editor
It was such a pleasure to be able, last week, to take a Tuk Tuk and to be able to see where I was going. Usually I can barely sit without my coiffure, which I have often just had arranged with great care by a skillful and attentive young lady, being irrevocably compromised by the low slung roof.. Never mind that it ended up in rat tails from all the water flung over me, at least I could see it coming!
In my innocence I thought that, at last, an enterprising Tuk Tuk Driver had introduced a winning version, an opinion shared apparently by other haplessly oversized farangs who, given the choice, always took the topless ones. Soon, I thought, a cabriolet version would appear on the streets to cater for very sunny days and the impending rainy season—but alas, and indeed alack, ‘twas not to be. All Tuk Tuks have reverted to their erstwhile compressed versions, quite suitable (for a few years anyway until the Macdonald’s habit spreads further) for Thais but severely cramping most farangs who are again forced to crane their necks below the canopy to see the sights, or even that they are not being taken to some back street den instead of the popular one they’d chosen.
Crick-necked Tuk Tuk passenger

Dear Editors and Staff,
Greetings from Manila, Philippines. I am John Mark de los Santos. I was born in Chaing Mai, studied at Chiang Mai International School and Grace International (back then it was known as New Tribes Education Center) and left the country when I was 19 to continue my study in the Philippines. Currently I’m working here.
Chiang Mai my home town and as they say, home is where the heart is. I have been away from Chiang Mai for almost 10 years now. On average however, I visit Chiang Mai once a year.
As I citizen of Chiang Mai, I merely wanted to say the it is awesome to finally see that Chiang Mai now has it’s own English newspaper! Keep up the great work!
John Mark

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