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Stocks offer highest investment return in long run

Bank for Agriculture and Cooperatives celebrates 40 years


Stocks offer highest investment return in long run

Investment in stocks has offered the highest return over the past three decades with that in bonds coming second, according to a research conducted by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
Senior Executive Vice President Settaputti Suthivathanarueput said SET made the study on returns from investment in assets of various kinds in Thailand over the past 30 years, which are divided into three periods: before the crisis (1975-1996), in crisis (1997-2000), and after the crisis.
It found that stocks have offered the best return of up to 2,900 per cent or 12 per cent per annum over the past three decades. At the same time, the stock market has also offered the lowest return in certain periods, as investment returns tended to vary by the country’s economic conditions.
Bonds show up well in the survey too, and have offered the second-highest return of up to 1,825 per cent. They are also considered attractive as they are generally regarded as low risks and the least volatile. However, bonds would only offer low returns if interest rates were in an upward trend, according to the research. (TNA)

Bank for Agriculture and Cooperatives celebrates 40 years

Preeyanoot Jittawong
The Bank for Agriculture and Cooperatives, Chiang Mai office presented their report on their overall balance at the end of the fiscal year, 2005 and took the opportunity to release details of a Thawisin lottery, to mark 40 years the bank has been in business.

Boonlert Theunyuengyong, director of Bank for Agriculture and Cooperatives, Chiang Mai office.
Reporting on the state of the bank’s reserves at the end of the fiscal year, Boonlert Theunyuengyong, director of the Bank for Agriculture and Cooperatives, Chiang Mai office said that from April, 2005 to March, 2006 the bank authorized loans for 15,667 million baht, identified as loans for agriculture of 14,262 million baht, loans for cooperatives for 938 million baht and secured loans of 466 million baht. The total of deposits to March 31, 2006 stood at 10,048 million baht, the highest total for several years.
Boonlert also proudly announced the occasion of the bank’s 40 year anniversary and gave details of the Thawisin lottery with its first prize of 20 million baht; the draw for which will take place on every 10th day of the month. The lottery offers residents the opportunity to deposit money with the bank, where the lucky winner’s capital deposit will be repaid together with interest.

Advertorial :Back to School at Pantip Plaza, inexpensive products for the new semester

Preeyanoot Jittawong
Calling all parents! A new semester! Have you thought about a computer to aid learning and researching? Pantip Plaza, Chiang Mai, provides parents and students with a huge choice of computers and IT appliances, both new and good quality second-hand, ready for the forthcoming new semester.

Numerous computers and IT products in Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai.
It is time to open a new era of education for your children by using computers, communication equipment, the Internet service; utilizing the amazing array of educational software and IT products. Pantip Plaza has internationally famous shops and local outlets containing a wide range of products to help your children in their search for new knowledge.
Pantip Plaza aims to sell their products at prices to equal or even beat those in Bangkok. To welcome the new semester and to reduce expenses, Pantip has arranged a “Free fix, no service charge” program, which means you can have your computers checked and fixed in preparation for the forthcoming new semester. This service is carried out by expert technicians from professional outlets; that stake their reputation on offering a genuine reliable service to their customers. So, there is no reason why your children should not have a fully functional, reliable computer to assist their education at the start of this new semester.
For more information, or details of prices, specifications, and how to use the computers, tel. 0-5328-8383 Ext. 101-104, and ask for “Pantip Back to School”, or visit Pantip Plaza, Chiang Mai on Saeng Tawan Intersection, Chang Klan Road.

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