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10,000 spectators at Nim See Seng Moto-X championship

30th ASEAN Students Athletic Event for Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Pool League

Chiangmai SportRoundup

10,000 spectators at Nim See Seng Moto-X championship

Proceeds for HIV foundation

Nopniwat Krailerg and Preeyanoot Jittawong
The Northern Moto-X championship was organized by the Nim See Seng Group on June 3-4 at the Nim See Seng Motocross Course, Chiang Mai – Lampang Road.
Motocross competitions are popular both abroad and in Thailand. Most countries see this type of activity as a professional sport. It can also promote regional tourism.
The Nim See Seng Group Company sees it as a way to attract teenagers in Chiang Mai to try this kind of sport correctly and safely. It could also reduce street racing, which is a growing problem in the city and suburbs.
The competition was divided into 11 classes at regional level. The class that held most interest from spectators was Division 1 grade AB, because there were many Thai professional competitors. The winner in each class will get the opportunity to compete in Motocross Thailand. In this event, there were more than 10,000 spectators from Chiang Mai and nearby provinces.
This competition was supported by Chiang Mai PAO, Chiang Mai Municipality, and the private sector. The competition was to honor HM the King on the 60
th anniversary of his ascension to the throne. Proceeds from the competition will be given to HIV foundation, Chiang Mai.

10,000 spectators watched the competition.

Looking for victory in the mud.

Super Cup class start.

Over the jumps.

30th ASEAN Students Athletic Event for Chiang Mai

Nopniwat Krailerg
The Institute of Physical Education Chiang Mai will host the 30
th ASEAN Students Athletic Event in July. This is considered to be another activity in Chiang Mai to honour HM the King celebrating the 60th anniversary of ascension to the throne.
Chao Lueang-aram, vice president of Institute of Physical Education Chiang Mai said that the institute will be the coordinator for arranging the event on July 24-30 at Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium. It is expected that there will be at athletes from at least 6-7 ASEAN countries.

Chiang Mai Pool League: The Local’s decision lost in translation

Pat Black
According to a spokesman for The Local, it would appear that their cancellation of the Chiang Mai Pool League match at Rock Hard Bistro two weeks ago was the result of misunderstandings arising from a lack of communication.
The Local had indeed objected to playing in a closed bar that was in the process of redecoration, but they also claimed that their suggestion to switch venues on the night was misunderstood due to language problems.

Billy and Willy line up for Blue Sky Bar.

Going into more details now would only bring up pointless arguments and the positive news is that The Local has absolutely no intention of leaving the league, even though they are firmly rooted at the bottom of it. Furthermore, they stressed a desire to see relationships return to normal and if possible rearrange the offending fixture.
Now, it’s up to both teams involved to agree new arrangements and officially approach the league together, thus enabling an ideal outcome. Otherwise, the 9-0 walkover to Rock Hard Bistro will stand.
Back to the action, and last week’s encounters threw up some interesting results. In what was billed, the match of the day, Out Back caught fire and shot into a 5-0 lead at Blue Sky Bar to end the home side’s run of six victories and extend their own to five.
After The Bar went further behind at 1-6, they salvaged a measure of respectability by taking the last two frames. Out Back now find themselves in the league’s fourth place while pushing The Bar down to fifth.
It’s certainly tight at the top, where Half Moon Pub scraped through their match with December Bar to stay in pole position. A tit for tat first period saw the two sides level at the interval, but The Moon secured wins in the next two games before December took the last one for consolation.
Meanwhile, Chiangers and Bangers was still biting at The Moon’s heels, with a devastating 7-2 win at Number 1 Pub.
Third placed Friend’s Corner looked set for an easy triumph with a 3-0 advantage at home against Rock Hard Bistro. But the away side fought back to even things up by halftime. Unfortunately, Rock Hard crumbled in the doubles and Friend’s maintained their 3rd spot by running out 5-4 winners.
Daeng and The Pizza Boys were dancing about La Villa last Friday after chalking up their first home win of the season ญ and it didn’t come easily. La Villa watched leads of 3-0 and 4-1 evaporate under pressure from The Wall and the match entered into a tense 4-4 situation. But La Villa’s Heinz and Chai held firm in the decider and the celebrations started.
Happy Bar was in similar circumstances when their match at Enjoy Place went to the wire. Enjoy had come back from a 2-4 deficit to force a showdown in the final frame, only to leave the black over a pocket, and the away side happily polished up proceedings.
To finish where we started this week, The Local suffered yet another defeat at the hands of Blue Sky Garden, who sewed the match up before the doubles began. So The Local might still be down, but I’m happy to report that they are definitely not out.