Best Taste Kitchen

Whenever anyone asks ‘where can I get authentic Thai food?’ or if I ever have friends and family come to stay, I always direct them in the direction of Best Taste Kitchen. This family owned business is located in the heart of the Anusarn Market, just off the main night bazaar strip. On the outside it looks very similar to the many stalls found in the many food courts throughout Thailand, but once you taste the food, you will soon realise that this is a very
special little restaurant.
The Pipatanasukmongkal family along with their excellent team of staff have owned and operated Best Taste for over 10 years. Anusarn has been home to a food market for over 30 years but over the last five years it has been evolving into one of the city’s premium collection of food stalls. Change has accelerated in recent months and the area now includes sheltered market stalls, massage facilities and a pedestrianised night-time area. Every night, the market is bustling with people browsing the stalls and looking for a bargain. The food stalls are often well patronised by people grabbing a bite to eat, but Best Taste is always the best supported, regardless of the season and regardless of the weather. Even during torrential rain, customers will be found under huge umbrellas sampling the myriad of delights on offer. It is a testament to the freshness of the food and the quality of the cooking that both Thai and expat residents frequent the restaurant on a regular basis. It is also not uncommon to find large parties of 10 or more
people enjoying Best Taste hospitality on a special occasion.
When asked what specialities they can recommend, the staff always begin by mentioning their Tom Yum Gung (Shrimp ‘Thai style’ soup), they also recommended their delicious crab in yellow curry and the enormous fried tiger prawns with garlic and pepper. To this I have to add my personal favourites of the fried fish in tamarind sauce, the Chiang Mai speciality kao soi with chicken, fried pork with Chinese kale and the vegetable green curry. The truth is that I could go on and on but for the sake of space on this page I have to stop. Whether you wish to be adventurous and try unfamiliar Thai
specialities or stick to simple fried rice, you will not be disappointed.
Best Taste Kitchen is the first stall on the left. There are another dozen or so stalls each offering their own specialities but you cannot fail to notice that Best Taste is the most popular. In my opinion is the result of the fantastic food and friendly, professional staff who instantly make you feel welcome.
There is always entertainment on a big stage one end of the food court which ranges from traditional Thai music to Thai boxing demonstrations but perhaps the best form of amusement is to take advantage of the location to indulge in a spot of ‘people watching!
It is possible to enjoy an enormous three-course banquet at Best Taste for less than 500 Baht, or a simple bowl of Pad Thai for as low as 30 baht. Prices of dishes depend on the size, with small, medium and large sizes
offered for all of the dishes.
A mouth-watering array of the freshest seafood in town can be found at the front of the stall and it can be difficult to choose between the different varieties of fish, squid, giant prawns, crabs and shellfish. All these can be
cooked in a number of ways with a huge variety of accompaniments.
There is plenty of choice for vegetarians and dishes range in price from 30 to 100 Baht and include fried mixed vegetables, asparagus, vegetarian soup and vegetable curries. Pork and chicken dishes range in price from 30 baht to 150 baht and include a host of familiar favourites - deep fried crispy pork, pork and chicken curries, fried rice with pork/chicken and pork or chicken omelette. There are also a range of salads including the infamous papaya salad. Their som tam (papaya salad) is exceptional and can be ordered for as little as 40 baht. If you are feeling extra adventurous, deep fried bamboo worms are a delicacy and can be ordered for 80 baht. For those that like to
play it safe there are fresh fish and chips are on the menu for 180 baht!
There is almost as wide a variety of drink as there is of food. You can order delicious fruit juices, fruit shakes, water, beer, soft drinks, tea whisky or wine. A fruit shake is 30 baht, a glass of wine is 95 baht and a bottle of beer is just 40 baht. There are literally hundreds of choices on offer making over-ordering very easy. I over-order every time I visit – it’s best to taste a little bit of everything!
Best Taste Kitchen is open 7 days a week from 5.30 pm until 11.00 pm.