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 For the past four weeks, the “Social Scene” pages and most articles relate more and more to Thai groupings and Thai events, rather than items of interest to Chiang Mai Mail’s foreign readers, subscribers, and advertisers.  When will the newspaper return to reporting about common expat social gatherings and events that made this paper newsworthy and so successful for the past three years?  Let’s not change the newspaper’s character into a minature version of “Bangkok Post” that has little, and often nothing, to do with local expat activities.
 Joseph Krebs, CPA
Subscriber and Advertiser
Editor’s comment:
We regret the recent lack of coverage of farang events in the “Social Scene”.   We would welcome the assistance of the farang community to advise us of their social events (and any other event of interest they become aware of).
If you or anyone else has any item of interest, I can be contacted on: [email protected] com
Kind regards,
Murray Dickson