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300 Chiang Mai students participate in anti-drug Taekwondo

Mediocre scores are good enough

Chiang Mai Pool League

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300 Chiang Mai students participate in anti-drug Taekwondo

Nopniwat Krailerg
(Photos by Kad Suan Kaew PR)

Around 300 Chiang Mai students aged between 6 and 18 years old took part in the Anti-Drug Taekwondo 2006 competition held at Kad Suan Kaew department store on August 19 and 20. The competition was jointly organised by the Tourism and Sport Recreation Centre and Kad Suan Kaew department store, and presided over by Kritsadaporn Siampakdee, Chiang Mai deputy governor.

Kritsadaporn Siampakdee, Chiang Mai deputy governor, presided over the competition.

Originating in Korea, Taekwondo has become very popular with young Thais. In recent years numerous Taekwondo clubs belonging to both educational institutes and the private sector have been set up all over the northern region. Parents encourage their children to learn Taekwondo in order to exercise and be able to protect themselves.
The Anti-Drug Taekwondo competition hoped that young people from across Chiang Mai would come together to exchange knowledge, techniques and competition experiences and to learn how to forgive, to win graciously, and to accept defeat. Participants also had the chance to improve their skills and gain the chance to represent their province at larger competitions.

Youngsters kick for points and victory.

Around 300 youngsters participated in the competition.

Mediocre scores are good enough

Sandy Lie
With not a breath of wind on a fairly easy English golf course, I stood on the 17th tee with a measly 28 Stableford points – my partner had four fewer. So, to make life interesting we played the last two holes using a driver and putter only. Needless to say, we scored no points, had plenty of laughs, but the smile left my face when finding out that a 29 had taken the title.
I wonder if any members of the Royal League felt like me when they entered the clubhouse at the Highlands Golf and Spa Resort to find that Steve Polaski and new member Dennis Dobrick had tied for first place in last week’s Stableford event - with just 31 points.
Unlike that day in England though, last week’s weather cooked up a hot climate on a Highlands course which allows few margins of error. With a lot of bunkers and some water, position is of paramount importance between tee and green, and once on the putting surface, the gentlest of touches can still send the ball four feet past the hole.
On some days the course is taken to task, but last week it murdered the field.
Steve and Dennis are big hitters and perhaps it was a day for caution. Nevertheless, Steve’s two halves of 16 and 15 points, matched by a less consistent 14 and 17 from Dennis, were enough land the honours on this occasion. Also, Steve moved up to second spot in the Prize Winners List, knocking Scot Stairs down to number three.
In yet another tie, Jon Haid and Grahame Curry came in joint third for the tournament with scores of 29 points.
The League’s recent adoption of the USGA Handicap System is producing closer results – hence all the ties over the last 3 weeks. However, it has been noticed that some members are not returning every score card for calculation, and this could result in unfair handicaps.
I personally feel that it’s more of an honour to come last in a competition playing off scratch than winning off 27. Every member should be trying to reduce their handicap, and perhaps a prize could be found for the most improved player of the year.

The royal league teeing up.

Chiang Mai Pool League: All set for next season

Pat Black
John Whiting will be a hard act to follow in running next season’s Chiang Mai Pool League, but last week’s meeting at The Local brought highly promising results. In short, Shaun of December Bar has agreed to be the main administrator – collecting Friday’s information from me and handing it to Herman of The Wall by Sunday for distribution to league members.
A discussion on controversies resulted in some amendments to the rules, which will be circulated. If team captains cannot resolve an issue in future, Brian of Half Moon Pub will be on call as arbitrator.

Jo building a break for The Wall.

This season closes on September 15th and the target to start next term is Friday, October 13th – an easy date to remember.
Also, it should be noted that Blue Sky Bar and Garden will move their venue to 8/1 Moon Muang, Soi 5 from September 1st 2006.
In last week’s action, Half Moon Pub kept their momentum towards retaining the championship with an emphatic 7-2 home win against Enjoy Place. The Moon’s 2-0 lead was not surprising, but Enjoy put up a spunky performance to level the scores before the rest became history.
With three matches left this term, Friend’s Corner remained two points behind the leaders after an equally decisive display at The Local, where the match was over before halftime. All eyes will be on next week’s fixtures when the top two teams clash. Friend’s will need a result to stay in the race, but even if they get it, The Moon would still hold a useful games-won advantage.
Mathematically, the next five sides could come third this season, but Chiangers and Bangers look outright favourites to finish there for the second year running. With a massive games-won tally, which is second best in the league, they pushed past Blue Sky Garden to stay one point and 15 games ahead of fourth placed December Bar.
Although The Garden were chasing the game, they didn’t lose sight of Chiangers, and at 3-4, their lady, Nuch, was desperately unlucky when she slightly under-hit the black - thus leaving Chiangers to take full advantage.
December Bar continued their amazing run of nine wins in the last eleven matches with a confident victory over near rivals, Out Back. This encounter was expected to be a closely fought match, and it was up to the interval when scores were level. In the doubles, however, Out Back fell away under pressure giving December the chance to move above Blue Sky Bar into fourth spot.
This time last season, Blue Sky Bar were challenging for the title, but a wretched run of bad form over the past six or seven weeks has seen them drop from third to sixth in the league, and the best they can hope for now is an outside chance of third. A 3-6 defeat at La Villa didn’t help The Bar’s cause. Despite going into halftime all square, La Villa had led throughout, and The Pizza Boys punched home their superiority on the night by taking all the doubles.
In other matches, a few glum faces greeted me at Rock Hard Bistro, where I was informed things had returned to normal. After The Rock’s shock win at Chiangers last week, they fell to The Wall 3-6 by once again failing to deliver in the doubles.
Happy Bar was smiling as they reached an unassailable 5-2 lead against Number 1 Pub, and they possibly relaxed their foot on the gas pedal in allowing Number 1 to win the last two frames.