Vol. VI No. 2 - Tuesday March 6, - March 12, 2007
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by Saichon Paewsoongnern


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“6th Children’s Walking Street” music contest held at Kad Suan Kaew

APIS celebrates International Day

Writing Competition winners from CMIS

“6th Children’s Walking Street” music contest held at Kad Suan Kaew

Youth’s are seen attending and performing during the music contest at Kad Suan Kaew.

Saksit Meesubkwang
Kad Suan Kaew shopping park & hotel complex recently held a music talent show and band competition. Children from 24 districts and representatives from the Chiang Mai Children’s Council participated in the event.
This activity provided a competition of music ability for youth aged 13-20 years old at the “6th Children’s Walking Street” on February 10, at Pro.com playgrounds on the third floor zone C of Kad Suan Kaew.
There were 50 bands that competed, including both male and female musicians. Each band had 10 minutes to play a fast song and a slow song. This allowed every band to show all the techniques and tricks they possessed.
The winning band was Super Rider, who received 4,000 baht and a prize shield from Chiang Mai Governor Wichai Srikuan, and a certificate from Ajarn Komet Patcharawatpiriyachayanon from the Chiang Mai Children’s Council.
Super Rider has 7 members including Sopida Thanakam (lead female vocalist), Korakot Tunkaew (lead male vocalist), Sattravut Innkam (guitar), Panuwat Srisuwan (drums), and Natthavut Rungarunwan (guitar). They played the slow song New World (Lok Bai Mai), and Honeyed Tongue Verse (Sakkawa Pakwan) as their fast song.
The runner up band, Jive, received 2,000 baht, and a prize shied and certificate from the governor. The third place band was The Teacher, who received 1,000 baht and a prize shied and certificate.
Super Rider and Jive also won the popular votes award from attendees. Each of them received another 1,000 baht prize to take home for this honor.

Another band at the contest.

APIS celebrates International Day

APIS students in kimonos celebrating Japanese culture during International Day.

by Kath Phillips
The American Pacific International School saw a buzz of activity on the Main Boarding Campus as members of the school community donned their national costumes and flew their countries’ flags to celebrate International Day. A first for APIS, this will definitely be an occasion to repeat.

Lindsay and Ryan’s dance was a true delight.

During the last school year, a number of individual cultural evenings were held and tastes of different cultures were enjoyed, but bringing everything together as this day did was a delight for all. There were performances from Korean and Thai drums to American Swing dancing and there was more food than anyone could manage with all the flavors of the east as well as Australian, American and British specialties.
The Parade of Nations brought Iran, Israel and Iraq together and there were quizzes and competitions for all while the children enjoyed a range of activities designed especially for them.
A real family occasion in which all the elements of the school’s community participated provided a great day for all. Next year we hope there will be more local visitors - so be prepared to join us!

Even the older ones joined in to celebrate Iraq at International Day.

Writing Competition winners from CMIS

by Matthew Foxen
(CMIS High School English Teacher)

The heart of a parent or teacher shines with joyous pride when exposed to the successes of children and/or students; thus, with a heart that turns the yellow sun green with envy, this teacher takes great delight in relating the successes of two of his creative writing students.

(l-r) Matthew Foxen, Kim Vonbunyong and Jinjutha Na Srito.

Each year, Thai students are invited to submit English essays to the Junior IMPAC writing competition. Last November, two CMIS students - 11th grader Jinjutha Na Srito and 12th grader Kim Vonbunyong - submitted short stories, following the theme: “A Tale of Thai Grace and Compassion.” The winners of the Northern region were announced on February 8, and both entrants from CMIS went home with prizes.
Second prize, a 5,000 baht merit award, went to Kim’s story: “The Canary Ladies and My Song.” Jinny’s story: “Only in Thailand,” won her the first place prize of 10,000 baht and a trip to Bangkok for the national competition.
The competition took place on February 12, and the national award of a trip to the Senior IMPAC awards in Dublin went to a young woman from the south.
Congratulations to both Kim and Jinny for their excellence in writing. Both are excited about their achievements, and have voiced a willingness to continue writing in the future.

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