Vol. VI No. 3 - Tuesday March 13 - March 19, 2007
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Elephant birth in Lampang

First in Asia using artificial insemination

The proud mother and baby are doing fine. (AP Photo)

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Gas Prices Up at the pumps

Citing continued hikes in global oil prices, Thailand oil traders raised gasoline prices by 0.40 baht per liter.
Chaivat Churitthi, Senior Executive Vice President of PTT Plc said the fuel prices on the world market had increased and continued at high levels since late February.
Although local retail oil prices had increased earlier this year, a marketing margin of gasoline prices continued to stay at 0.20 baht per liter.

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Chiang Mai’s Polluted Air


Thai wines find their match with Thai dishes

Over 40 lovers wine lovers attended the recent Thai wine with ‘Thai tapas’ tasting at the Four Seasons Resort & Spa in Mae Rim.

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The question of honesty

Now let’s be honest; have you ever cheated at golf? Well! I have. I had noticed my playing partner lighting up a cigarette on every difficult shot, so I stole the pack when he wasn’t watching. At the par 3 island hole, my opponent surveyed the tee shot, reached for his fags, went into panic when they weren’t there and promptly put six shots into the water.

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Ratanon Puttaviriya plays his Senoir Recital at Payap

Being the son of a piano teacher, Ratanon Puttaviriya (1985) must have been ‘in touch’ with the piano ever since his early years. But only when he finished high school at the age of 17 this instrument really caught him.

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A 3 in 1 event celebrated at the River Ping Palace

The very social and entertaining Madame Esther Ting of the River Ping Palace welcomed family and friends to celebrate three events in one fun evening.

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