Filling a pie at Pie Sabai

By Epicurean
There’s a thousand ways to fill a pie, from apples, pork and custard to birds, dwarfs and naked women. Once broken, it was common in olden days for birds to fly out of them as a source of entertainment, or a midget materialize - reciting poetry and doing tricks.
At 18 inches tall, Jeffrey Hudson was the smallest human ever seen. At a banquet held in 1626 for King Charles I of England and Queen Henrietta Marie, the dwarf burst from a crust covered pie just as the queen was cutting it.
Two centuries later - at a party thrown for the legendary millionaire, glutton and lust laden Diamond Jim Brady - a naked female dancer smashed her way through a huge pastry, fell onto Brady’s lap and began spoon-feeding him.

Today, Audrey Dootson provides a wide variety of top quality pies, but dwarfs and nude ladies are off the menu. Apart from supplying major supermarkets, guest houses and restaurants, pie lovers can experience Audrey’s delicious delights at her Pie Sabai Restaurant - a small garden eatery set in the shade of towering trees from the forest temple of Wat U Mong, near Chiang Mai University.
I relaxed in the sala beside a lawn surrounded by fresh green shrubs and palms, and chatted with Audrey.
“Heat and humidity make pie making difficult in Thailand,” she told me. “But we must have discovered the right technique, as our products are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. Currently, I employ 7 staff members to help me here and cater for small parties, special lunches, private functions and home delivery.”
From 8 am to 5 pm seven days a week, everyone is welcome at Pie Sabai to sample Audrey’s succulent pies such as traditional English steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom, steak and onion and, from India, a tasty chicken tikka. And not forgetting apple, blueberry, cherry and raspberry.
And there is much, much more for instance sandwiches and baguettes crammed with cured ham, matured cheddar or chicken tikka all mixed with salad and a cream cheese and salmon specialty for only Bt90.
If you want to catch breakfast at Pie Sabai, there’s no need to rise early, as it’s served all day. There’s a choice of beans on toast, with or without eggs, pancakes, or a mammoth set meal comprising bacon and sausage patties, eggs done to taste, bread, butter and jam washed down with tea or coffee for a mere Bt135.
And Audrey says, “Don’t forget our monthly Sunday brunch next one on March 18th - you won’t be disappointed!”
For that light lunch, the Light Bite menu offers lasagna, burgers and spaghetti bolognaise for about Bt80 per dish; and you can round things off with fresh coffee, Indian tea, a shake, juice, herbal tea or an ice cream soda, priced from Bt25 to Bt65.
Parking is available about 50 meters away in or opposite Wat U Mong and for inquiries and bookings fax or telephone 053 283 166.