A step into Bavaria: By Epicurean

German Hofbrauhaus is a tiny corner of Germany just a spit and a stride from the narrow passageways of Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar. This bustling restaurant, with its picture laden walls and checked tablecloths, specializes in German food served by waitresses decked out in Bavarian costumes - rushing between tables holding full platters, and steins of foaming beer.
This family run business was one of the first western eateries to open in the northern capital. It soon became popular over thirty years ago and its motto, “we are known for the best” remains relevant today. While the main dining area is spacious, its warm décor and busy trade retains a cozy atmosphere, and diners can eat outside on the terrace if they prefer.
The Germany diet could be described as robust with sausages, potatoes and cream cakes out to attack the waistline - and beer is often preferred to wine – a further blow to weight watchers. It would be sinful, however, to pass German cuisine off as merely beer and sausage. Traditionally, care has been taken to prepare healthy meals that belong exclusively to Germany.
Starters at Hofbrauhaus range from Bt60 to Bt110 and one could commence in typically German style with Frisch tomatensuppe or Franz knoblauchbrote; garlic bread, or go international with Hungarian goulash, Spanish tortillas or a continental mixed salad.
Most appetizers are priced at just under Bt200, with favourites such as prawn cocktail, the salami plate and raw ham on rye bread listed. And smoked salmon with horseradish is slightly more expensive at Bt250.
In between courses, diners can sit back and soak up the restaurant’s relaxing ambiance with a glass of Paulaner Munchen beer or a stein of Erdinger Weissbrau. Or there is a varied selection of wines and soft drinks to choose from.
Many of the main courses cost between Bt250 and Bt400, and pork lovers can dive straight into a traditional weiner schnitzel with French fries and vegetables. Not to mention eissbein or schweinshaxe – boiled or deep fried pork leg with homefries and sauerkraut.
The extensive menu at Hofbrauhaus includes a wide variety of filet steaks, fish, sausage and Italian pizzas, never mind the crop of German specialties. Frankfurter wurstchen served with potatoes is not to be missed; and sauerbraten – a sour pot roast of beef with mash potato – is a must. And for those who like curry, leckere currywurst is a veal sausage served in a classic Berlin sauce with French fries.
When it comes to dessert, the usual ice creams and fruit are available, but why not go the whole hog and delve into a hunk of cheesecake or freshly homemade apple strudel. And to help the digestion one can round off the feast with coffee and a few shots of schnapps.
German Hofbrauhaus opens from 11 am to 11 pm all week and can be found at 115/1-2 Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai 50100. For more information telephone 053 276989, 053 821273 or fax 053 821276.