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Academy Fantasia searching for talent in Chiang Mai

Hillside Dormitory to be inaugurated next week

FERC hands over 129,800 Baht to the PCDC

Monthly quiz night at the Lotus Hotel’s Garden Bar

A very colorful celebration begins this week

The Chiang Mai Mail Trivia Challenge

Academy Fantasia searching for talent in Chiang Mai

Attention future stars! The popular Thai TV singing contest show is searching for new talent for their upcoming Academy Fantasia 4 series broadcast from Bangkok.

One of the discovered talents on Academy Fantasia.

Applicants are urged to send in a 5 minute video clip of their best work to their online site at: http://trueaf.truelife.com

Applications can also be picked up at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel on Huay Kaew Road.

The first 50 contestants with the most popular votes will be selected to join the top 50 future stars from the regional auditions. Voting will be held from April 1-5 and the True Visions Organizing Committee will announce the 100 finalists on April 12.

Hillside Dormitory to be inaugurated next week

Children from the School for the Deaf enjoy a camping weekend at The School for Life.

On April 4 a grand inauguration will be held at The School for Life near Doi Saket to officially open the boy’s new dormitory.

The dormitory will be named Hillside after the successful fundraising event that was held at Hillside Condo 4 and provided the necessary funds for the construction of the needed dormitory.

The event will kick off at 9:15am with a blessing from the Buddhist monks followed by the ribbon cutting, lunch and tours of the school. For those wishing to attend, please contact Steve Yarnold at [email protected] yahoo.com before April 2.

In a separate event and also held at The School for Life was the first youth camp which is also supported by the funds raised at the Charity Rooftop Party held in January.

Twenty children from the Santithorm School for the Deaf enjoyed spending two days in the country environs along with the children from School for Life.

This project allows children to spend a weekend camping, exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

Three months to complete and next week it will be ready for its residents.

FERC hands over 129,800 Baht to the PCDC

Marc Dumar, Chairman of FERC hands over a check worth 129,800 to the Phonsawan Child Deleopment Centre.

A total of 419,000 Baht was raised at the recent Foundation for the Education of Rural Children 8th Annual Benefit Gala held last month at the Sofitel Chiang Mai and the proceeds are now being handed out to those in need.

Marc Dumur, Chairman of FERC handed over a check for 129,800 Baht to Billy and Kathlyn Doener, co-founders of the Phonsawan Child Deleopment Centre (PCDC). Caroline Thompson, FERC Treasurer was also present.

Baan Phonsawan looks after 40 boarders and 33 day Hilltribe and other ethnic children. Most of the children do not have identity papers and until recently had not been allowed to attend schools. The current government has changed this policy. Baan Phonsawan is located between Chiang Mai and Doi Saket. The donation will fund phase two of a sustainable project in which a large vegetable garden will be built, and children will be taught the skills necessary to grow high quality organic produce.

Other recipients of the money raised include The Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities Center, The Sangha Metta Project for non-formal education for refugee children, The Burmese Child Care Center and The LINK Project.

The FERC Board arrived at providing funds coming from FERC’s 8th Annual Benefit Gala to the 5 non-governmental organizations.

Monthly quiz night at the Lotus Hotel’s Garden Bar

Flanked by the Garden Bar bartenders Mr. Gang and Mr. Tee, (left to right) Tom, Simon, Bart and David savor that winning feeling.

Five teams showed up at the monthly quiz night held at the Lotus Hotel’s Garden Bar. The hotly contested game night covered trivia questions about Thailand, History, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Arts, Film and Entertainment and the popular Difficult category. All five teams were nearly tied throughout the evening and it wasn’t until the last round of questions that the winning team pulled ahead and won by six points.

A very colorful celebration begins this week

Poi Sang Long Festival

The yearly and colorful Poi Sang Long festival in Chiang Mai and surrounding provinces begins this week. The festival marks the time when Burmese-Thai, Thai Yai and Shan State residents gather for a three-day ordination party for their young boys.

Families and friends join in for the processions through the streets of Mae Hong Son. CMM Staff photo.

Before becoming novice monks, the boys have their heads shaved by family members then are dressed to resemble princes of the past with intricate headdresses and bright silk clothes. During the three days of festivities it is said that the boys cannot touch the ground with their feet, so the future novices spend most of their time on the shoulders of relatives and friends.

The largest and most colorful festivities occur in Mae Hong Song but if you don’t want to travel that far below is a list of places and dates scheduled to hold Poi Sang Long.

Chiang Mai at Wat Papao, April 4-6; Mae Tang district, 1-5 April, Wat Tiyasatharn Wiang Haeng district, 31 March – 2 April, Wat Konglom; 21-25 April, Wat Piang Luang

Fang district, 31 March – 2 April, Wat Photong, Ban Larn; 1-3 April Wat Angkhang, Doi Angkhang Royal Project; 4-6 April Wat Doikaset, Pangkhwai; 7-9 April Wat Pangkhwai; 20-23 April; Wat Wiangwai. Mae Ai District, 30 March – 1 April, Wat Pateung, Tambon Santonmeu. Mae Hong Son Province, Muang district 31 March – 2 April; Wat Huawiang

Khun Yuam district, 31 March – 2 April, Wat Tawphae, Tambon Mae Ngao 7-9 April, Wat Mueydaw, Tambon Khun Yuam 8-10 April; Wat Muangpawn, Tambon Muangpawn

Chiang Rai province, Mae Fa Luang district 5-7 April, Wat Phrathat Kakham, Tambon Therdthai 8-10 April, Wat Chethamanee, Tambon Mae Fa Luang. Maesai district, 10-12 April, Wat Wiang Phangkham.

The Chiang Mai Mail Trivia Challenge

Next week in the April 3rd Edition
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