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Air museum seeks volunteers

The ChiangMai Mail Trivia Challenge

Holiday closures in April

Air museum seeks volunteers

Khun Weerachat, in uniform, welcomes the latest 3 life membership card holders (from left): Dan Callahan (fuselage restoration & cleaning), Colin Penberthy and David Hardcastle (promotions & translations).

The collection of over 30 old airplanes at ‘Tango Squadron’, Wing 41, Chiang Mai International Airport, is seeking volunteers of any nationality who can offer their services, however humble, to help turn this unique and growing collection into a fully working air museum.

For a limited period, life membership of the Royal Thai Air Classic Association, the ‘parent’ body of the collection, is available at only 1,000 baht per person, subject to ‘good character’ checks at Bangkok HQ.

Everyone interested is invited by Khun Weerachat Palee, assistant to the President of the Association, to fill in an application form (and in the cases of foreigners give signed copies of their passports) as soon as possible while the special offer lasts. Membership allows unlimited access to the collection during working hours, Monday to Friday, and gives invitations to occasional special weekend flying days.

For extra charges of 4,000-6,000b to cover running costs, members may also fly as passengers in a choice of the 5 or 6 twin-seat planes now in full flying order, most of WW2 vintage.

More information comes from Khun Weerachat (in Thai) on 081 028 4663 or David Hardcastle (in English) on 081 992 4819.

The ChiangMai Mail Trivia Challenge

This picture clue pertains to question number 4.

This picture clue pertains to question number 5.

Here are the rules: Answer each question and send them by email to:[email protected]

The first five who reply correctly will win a 1 year’s subscription to the Chiangmai Mail. The Trivia Challenge prizes are valid only to residents in the Chiang Mai Province and all decisions are final. Winners will be published in our April 17 issue.

1. At the end of the 18th century, King Taksin the Great drove the Burmese out of Chiang Mai with the help of whom?
2. Name the fourth tallest mountain in Chiang Mai province.
3. How many foreign tourists visited Thailand in 2006?
4. Pictured below is the entrance to an infamous site in Chiang Mai. Name the place.
5. Pictured below is the entrance to a famous site in Chiang Mai. Name the place.

Holiday closures in April

The U.S. Consulate Chiang Mai and the U.S. Embassy Bangkok will be closed April 6, 13, and 16 in observance of Thai holidays.

Friday, April 6 commemorates King Rama I and Chakri Day; Friday April 13 and Monday, April 16 celebrate the Songkran holiday.