Around town

Joyce Jeffrey celebrated her birthday at Girogio’s. From left Yo, Ya, Jum of Giorgio’s with birthday gal Joyce, Ana Justo visiting from Argentina and Tomas Jeffery.

The Expat Club Board members, Al Trussell, Lucy Coombs, Secretary; Charles Begley, Vice President; Alan Hall, President.

The Expat Club meeting at the Orchid Hotel. Back row; Boong Chaladlom, Jim Cowles, Mike Jewkes, front row; Sally Ward, Stuart Rodger, Charles Rodgers, Toivo Mykkanen and Charlie Thompson.

Singing to a full house to raise funds for The Lanna Dog Rescue were the stars of the show (left to right) Bernard Wintner, Brook Kitavadhana, Ong-ard Kanchaisak, Mark Walder, Maya A. Liman, Lauren Brocoal and Frans Bloem.

Spotted at the former Sheraton Hotel was Joyce Barnes hosting a Sunday brunch with friends. Back row left to right; John Sheppard, Ginny Rinehart, Janet Greenleaf, Bob Rinehart, Karl-Heinz Terveer, and seated is Joy Sheppard with Joyce Barnes and Diamond Terveer.

Lynn Scott, Valerie Brunell and Peter Grant enjoying the Frans Bloem and friend’s concert at The Chiang Mai Gate Hotel.

Fiona Raggatt, Miranda Swift, Erin Smith, Elissa Francemore, Oliver Benjamin spotted at the concert.

Carina zur Strassen, Roshan Dhunjibhoy, founder of Lanna Dog Rescue; Laurie Maund, Siri Hagen Waltham, coordinator of the event; singer Frans Bloem, Nong, and Michael Hagan Waltham, coordinator of the concert all smiles after the successful evening of song and dance.

Ian Hollingsworth, owner of the popular Queen Vic Pub sharing a secret with his regulars at the Sunday brunch. Ian is taking over the lease for True Blue. Ian seated with friends Bob and Rona Machin, Colin McDonnell.

Bruce Beresford (center) celebrating his birthday dinner at L’Coq de Or with friends Klaus Schmidt (left) and Mohamad Jesr (right).

Wim Fagal, General Manager of The Amari Rincome with the “Dutch mafia”, Kees Ya Kommer, Marius Arts and Gerry Arts at the start of the 11th Rincome-Angkhang Car Rally.

HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani surrounded by the participants of the 11th Rincome-Angkhang Car Rally.