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CMIS “Bops to the Top” with Disney’s High School Musical

Prem Center welcomes United World College of South East Asia

Grace student’s fundraiser exceeds expectations

CMIS “Bops to the Top” with Disney’s High School Musical

The “brainiacs” watch Gabriella (Lauren Hazlett) perform math computations.

The Wildcat cheerleaders and basketball team strut their stuff.

Sharpay (Rebecca Couch) tells Ryan (Anthony Frederick), Troy (Han Gil Yahng), and Gabriella (Lauren Hazlett) exactly how it is.

Nicki Gamble

Close to 90 Chiang Mai International School students in Grades 9 to 12 “got their heads in the game” at Kad Theater on March 30 and 31, and staged four exciting performances of Disney’s popular Emmy Award-winning movie High School Musical. From auditions in early January to the final show, our performing arts students and teachers dedicated enormous amounts of energy and time to this ambitious project.

Sixty students acted, sang, and entertained audiences with impressive original choreography, including some unique basketball/dance sequences. Another thirty students worked behind the scenes as the technological crew, and were integral in making the cast look and sound terrific.

Of course the production could never have taken place without the creative vision, expertise, and dedication of three gifted members of the CMIS faculty: Director Ruthanne Pilton, Choreographer Sallyanne Wichai, and Technical Director/Marketing and Promotions Manager Suwanee Eubank.

Our school community is justifiably proud of our talented staff and students, and would like to thank them, and High School Musical, for inspiring all of us to reveal our hidden talents and take a chance on our dreams.

Prem Center welcomes United World College of South East Asia

Kristen Smart

The Prem Center Visiting Schools Program welcomed students and staff from United World College, South East Asia (UWCSEA) from Singapore for the sixth consecutive year. Over the course of six weeks, nearly 300 Grade 8 students arrived in groups of 80 in 2-week intervals, with half the group participating in an outdoor education week in Chiang Dao, and the other half taking part in a rigorous program at the Prem Center. The two groups then switched after the first week so all students experienced the outdoor adventure in Chiang Dao and spent a week at the Prem Center, utilizing the resources of Northern Thailand to contribute to their academic studies.

A UWCSEA student smiles with a new friend at Vieng Ping Orphanage. (Photo courtesy of Chee See.)

During the week at the Prem Center, students completed challenging tasks with hours of preparation, reflection, and reporting accompanying the field work. They conducted a river analysis of the Mae Sa River, carried out a village study based on Ban Nong Pla Man, the village just outside the Prem Center, and studied the Asian elephant coupled with a visit to Chiang Dao Elephant Camp. They also completed an energy unit following a visit to Mae Ngat Dam, studied Buddhism based on a trip to Wat Warukaram in Ban Huay Sai, where they also completed an art component.

The students studied a brief history of Chiang Mai, did a comprehensive study of the AIDS problem worldwide, and created interactive activities at one of Chiang Mai’s orphanages. The students engage in extensive preparatory work and follow-up discussions, giving even further value to their Thailand experience which has been completely built-in to the UWCSEA curriculum.

Students examine the data collected in their field studies around Chiang Mai (Photo courtesy of Chee See.)

Once again, head staff member, Brian Green returned a week in advance with his staff comprised of former UWCSEA teachers and four gap students. They spent time preparing their designated Prem Center classrooms and organizing materials for the field work. The staff also met with the Visiting Schools Program staff and the guides of tour company, Chiang Mai Adventure to ensure everything was in order. Brian emphasized the importance of bringing students back every year, saying this trip “allows the students to live and work in rural Northern Thailand, the environment being so very different from the crowded burgeoning urban environment of Singapore.” Brian went on to say, “As a base of operation for the academic portion of the Grade 8 Experience, the Prem Center is quite splendid. The rural setting is idyllic and the campus provides a safe and secure location with the facilities at our disposal.”

The Prem Center Visiting Schools Program considers the relationship with UWCSEA invaluable and looks forward to creating a unique atmosphere for learning for many years to come.

Grace student’s fundraiser exceeds expectations

Head of Development Tommy Mays receives one of the donations from 5th grade students Sarah Greer and Mollie May for the building fund at Grace International School.

Grace International School (GIS) is building a new multiple purpose building, and the GIS students are getting involved in the fund raising for the project. Since January, both elementary and secondary students have used creativity to raise money. For example, 7th graders have been selling fresh orange juice and organic vegetables. The 8th graders used skills such as babysitting to work towards their class goal. One class has already achieved success. Mrs. Boland’s and Mrs. Oswalt’s 5th graders pledged to reach 10,000 baht by March 21st. They did such activities as washing cars, selling baked goods, doing a read-a-thon, and asking for pledges. The students were astounded that they were able to raise over 125,000 baht and had a ceremony to present the money to the school.