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I’m outta here!

Report the polluters

Warriors of Songkran

Farangs in filthy shorts

Holston Lake.

View of Doi Suthep.

Dear Editor,
Why I am moving back to my home town of Bristol, Tennessee, USA.
Picture 1: View of Holston Mountain at Holston Lake
Picture 2: View of Doi Suthep from our balcony at Hillside 4.
Any questions?
Kind Regards,
Charlie Thompson
P.S. Haven’t the Thais heard of composting as opposed to burning?

Report the polluters

Dear Editor,
My name is Thiwat Chansantor. I was born in Chiang Mai and I currently study at Yupparaj Wittayalai School. I am fourteen years old. I hope that you will print my letter because I have many interesting suggestions about how to fix the problem about pollution in Chiang Mai.

Now the pollution in Chiang Mai is very bad for many reasons. People are not careful of smoking in the forest and this can create forest fires. People use dangerous chemicals to kill insects on farms and to kill mosquitoes. Pollution from too many cars in Chiang Mai and their smoke also makes Chiang Mai air very bad.

The pollution in Chiang Mai makes us all have bad health, especially for children and old people. It makes this city look bad and no one wants to stay here. Tourists don’t want to visit Chiang Mai and if there are no tourists, there is no income for many businesses. It will be bad for everyone in Chiang Mai.

My first suggestion is that we should stop burning everything and be careful with fires. Also, everyone should take care of their cars so they do not make too much smoke. For the people who don’t stop burning or don’t take care of their cars, the police should make them pay 2,000 Baht every time. Finally, I think there should be a phone number to call the police to tell them about people who make pollution.

I hope everyone thinks about my suggestions and will take better care of our city.
Yours sincerely,
Thiwat Chansantor
Editor Reply:
We thank you for your letter. The local phone number where residents can call and report pollution violations including trash burning is the Environment Office’s hotline number 053-890000 or Internet users can file a complaint on the Pollution Control Board in English at: http://www.pcd.go.th/info_serv/Hotline/default.cfm

Warriors of Songkran

Mohamad Jesr

When the sun sets behind majestic Suthep,
The warriors of Songkran return to their camps.
Droves of pickups filling most roads and highways,
Slowly fade into the night, till the new sun rays
Signal a fresh bout that delights fun seekers.
Packed in truckloads, resting on each others’ shoulders,
Exhausted and wet from day-long battles,
But still holding on to their guns and bottles.
Dripping, shivering, soaked, yet still spirited.
Tipsy, singing, but sounds have now abated.
Those whose buckets still carry ammunition,
Toss them on strangers - one last attempt at fun.
See their hearts devoid of any vexation,
Children of the same God in His gardens run.
Go - Celebrate new birth. Glorify innocence
Play, smile, and laugh: tolerance is of the essence.
No winners and no losers in these war games.
And no! It is not the end result that matters
But just the joyful experience. Have no aims.
To be happy celebrating without fetters,
Become a warrior..... Honor Songkran.