Around town

At the Red Lion Pub Tom and Dot Delaney, long term residents with their family visiting from Aldershot Hants. l/r Tom, Chanelle, Regan, Dot, Mike, and Leander

Trevor and Gill Dobson with guests Les and Babs Phillips enjoying the evening sipping wine at the Darling Bar on Huay Kaew road.

l/r Silvia and Garry Morris with Scott and Summer Norton at the Red Lion Pub.

Dining at the German Hofbrauhaus, l/r Megan Yarema, Luch Knight, Kevin O’Hagan Andy Dunne and Agatha Hurst.

Cooling off at Smoothie Blues on Nimmanheiman Road, l/r Stepahnie Fordeyn, Denise Van Dorp, (Mint) Prapasri Sriulivatta-nanan, Anna Short and Kaylie Short

An evening at the Drunken Flower listening to the live music, l/r Briony, Grip, Dao, Jacke, Liz, Bee and Jenn.

At The Olde Bell enjoying the evening, l/r Victor, Nana, David, Noi, Zack, Lee and Shaun.

Director Pitijet Vichitporn (left) and Music Director/Pianist Sid Richardson (right) of the Chiang Mai Choral Society International bid farewell to Kumiko Tanikawa, featured alto soloist, who completed her master’s degree at Chiang Mai University and is returning to Japan. Interested musicians are encouraged to contact Mr. Richardson at [email protected] to discuss membership in the society.

Boonchai Suwatisakulsawas, left, General Manager and the sales and marketing team of Central Duangtawan Hotel welcome Klanarong Chantik, 2nd left, Assets Examination Committee member, on the occasion of his presiding over the closing ceremony for a meeting organized by the Chiang Mai Provincial Statistics Office at the hotel recently.

At the Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel Press Party, l/r Margaret Bhadungzong, the hotel hosts and owners Att and Sineenard Viravaidhya, Aurapin, Axil and Sareen.

l/r Pim Kemasingki of Citylife, Att Viravaidhya, Catherine Parmentier, Sineenard Viravaidhya and Coco Pennors enjoying a lovely evening at the newly opened Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel.