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The good and bad about Songkran

We miss you all already

The good and bad about Songkran

Ang, Lay and Eve from Lamphun know the proper water splashing techniques.

Dear Editor,

Well it’s here again, that week or more of madness, I have a friend who ended up in hospital after being hit with a bucket of water while riding his motorbike on Wednesday the 11th.  In a lot of countries people would be sued for injuries caused by them throwing buckets of water and causing injuries. But this is Thailand and it’s accepted.   

Last year I had earache for about a month after a bucket of dirty water hit me in the side of my head and I was even wearing a helmet at the time!

But all that aside, I just returned from a village called Jambon in the Province of Lamphun, where the water poured over you was done in  a gentle fashion, as I think was the original idea. 

The attached photo is of three youngsters from the village, there names are Ang, Lay and Eve. It was a pleasure to be gently splashed by them!

Happy New Year to you all at the "Mail", I hope you all survived! 

 Derrick Titmus.

We miss you all already

Dear Chiangmai Mail,
I would like to say a sincere ‘thank you’, for your sponsorship of the 20th Chiang Mai Sixes.

The press, both local and national gave us even better than usual coverage. Thanks to the Chiang Mai Mail and ESC sponsorship, we received significant coverage in the Bangkok Post and thank you for the superb coverage in both the Chiang Mai Mail and Pattaya Mail. Capital TV is also preparing a TV release on the Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes. Continuous live audio and video internet coverage, through the Chiang Mai Sixes website, during the tournament also attracted web visitors from around the world.

The 33 teams participating made it the largest cricket sixes tournament ever held in Chiang Mai.

The fame of the event is well established in cricketing circles with a continuous worldwide presence on our website at www.chiangmai sixes.com. Your prestigious sponsorship adds additional acceptance amongst the cricketing fraternity that the Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes is indeed the most famous and well known amateur cricket sixes tournament in the world.

The junior cricket program known as "Sawasdee" Cricket also went very well. The team of junior Thai nationals playing in the main competition did incredibly well, reaching the semi-finals of the 2nd highest division and received accolades all around. It is definitely time the Thai sports authorities considered making cricket an official sport in Thailand. The potential to reach international standard is very definitely possible if handled correctly. Sponsorship for coaches and facilities as well as government recognition is needed.

ESC’s offer of free rooms for the winning team was won by the Gloucestershire Gipsies on the last ball of their finals match against Bangladesh’s Cricketeers. They needed 10 runs to win off 2 balls. First a four followed by a six which just got over the boundary by ONE foot. A truly wonderful finish to a great tournament!

In closing, may I thank you once again on behalf of all the Sixes organizers and participants, and hope that you will be willing and able to not only continue but even increase your support for the 21st event in 2008.

With very best regards,
Maurice Bromley - Tournament Director