Food fit for a Queen: By Epicurean

When Anuluk Pitaksitiporn was selling noodles from a barrow in Chiang Mai University some 30 years ago, he couldn’t have dreamt that one day he would be cooking and serving his culinary delights to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit in Phuping Palace.

Blink and you’ll miss it…Just about every noodle dish can be found here.

It wasn’t long before Anuluk put his hard earned money into a small noodle shop near Wat Phra Singh, and 20 years ago he moved to 29/10 Samlan Road, Soi 1 (off Arak Road) where he opened his now famous Trup Noy restaurant.
“In those early days I did everything myself,” Anuluk told me. “After pushing the cart around town for a few years, I carried out all the chores in the restaurants, from cooking the food to washing the floor.” But as the menu at Trup Noy became more popular, and later acquired Royal appointment, Anuluk has been able to employ some staff to help out.
Trup Noy is a come as you find us sort of place – a barn like structure with rustic wooden tables and chairs surrounded by plant life, half a dozen tropical fish tanks and a number of caged birds that range from budgies to parrots and a toucan.
As customers walk into a relaxed atmosphere, some birds screech and squawk, some pronounce hello in Thai, but the fish don’t say much.
The menu at Trup Noy has just about every type of noodle you can think of, and a specialty is the noodles with boiled chicken and brown sauce served in an earthenware pot. There are the usual Chinese noodles with chicken or pork, traditional gouy taew pad thai, and wonton – large noodles stuffed with pork. And not forgetting the wonsen – bean vermicelli accompanied by fish balls, pork or chicken.

Proud owner Anuluk Pitaksitiporn in front of his famous Trup Noy restaurant.
For something with a little more spice to it, ask for noodles with gaeng som and herbs, or tom yam gung or gai, as these dishes are usually available but do not always appear on the menu. For a departure from noodles, Trup Noy also offers a variety of gaw law soup, excellent macaroni and rice dishes of shrimp, crab and chicken.
All these items come at around Bt40 each on the menu, plus a selection of Thai desserts, tea, coffee, fruit juices and beer at reasonable prices.
“I was commissioned to cook for Her Majesty soon after opening Trup Noy, “said Anuluk, as he proudly showed me certification pinned to the wall. “I could hardly believe the day I was asked to pack the ingredients for the food she had chosen and take them up to the palace and cook for her. It was such a very great honour for me.”
Since then, Her Majesty has placed an annual order with Anuluk and by now she has tasted many of the choices on the menu, including macaroni, kaew man gai, gaw law and fried chicken with noodles.
So, if you would like to experience food fit for the Queen, just drop into Trup Noy between 8.30 am and 5 pm, and for further information ring 053 277949.