Around town

Adding some beauty to the evening at the Wine Gallery tasting were l/r Anne, Hong and Tan

Grahame (landlord) with Julie, Rob, Jack and Phil about to see how many Yorkshire puddings they could eat.

Attending the recent Wine Gallery’s tasting was l/r Thomas, Christopher, Brendon and Niki.

At the very popular quiz night at the UN Irish Pub, Lizzy and the Lads team l/r Tom Spenser, Lizzy Trevor, Ben Smith and Simon Goddard brushing up on world events while drinking Leo beer. Leo?

Not to be outdone The Old Bell has there own popular quiz night. Seen here are l/r Richard, Roger, Pedr the landlord and Malcolm.

Mark and Ellie spotted in Chiang Mai before taking up residence in Bangkok.

At the wine tasting and smartly dressed l /r Phillip, Mohamad and Sally enjoying the evening.

Seen carefully researching the tasting notes l /r Sompon, Jonathan and Elizabeth.

Cheers and santé from l/r Peter and Peter and Noeleen

Grahame, the landlord in the red shirt with all the competitors after the Yorkshire pudding eating contest at The Pub. Charles (center in blue shirt) managed to eat 20 and win.

What would Chiang Mai be without another Katoey contest? All smiles at the Miss Gemini competition.