Vol. VI No. 14 - Tuesday May 29 - June 4, 2007
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Light at the end of the 

Superhighway tunnels

Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongchaum and Highway Department officials inspect the worker-less underpass construction sites at Kuang Singh and San Dek intersections.

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Locals lobby PM for a convention center

The Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce (CCC) urged Prime Minister Gen. Surayud Chulanont to support the construction of a new international convention and exhibition center.
The Prime Minister was told by members of the CCC that a new convention center would bring in 2 billion baht in the local economy and boost tourism arrivals.

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Former deputy Mayor gets jail

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Life in Chiang Mai

My local newspaper had a screaming headline last week about a middle aged guy who had just returned to Britain after about 12 years: LOCAL MAN RELEASED FROM THAI HORROR PRISONS. The story also hit the national newspapers since he complained not just about the bad time he had in various Thai jails (including the one called the Bangkok Hilton) but because he thought that the British Foreign Office had not ‘done enough’ to help him.Quite what they were expected to do was not clear since he had been convicted of drug dealing and any fool knows that this is the last thing a foreigner should contemplate in any Asian country. Since he claimed to be a businessman and was no youngster it seems hard to be sympathetic even if you have any experience (second hand admittedly) of conditions in such places.

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A special trip for the Maechan and Sindoi hill tribe children

A group of talented children from the Maechan hill tribe from the Chiang Rai province recently traveled to Bangkok to perform at the Belgian Ambassador’s residence.

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Around town

Ivan Hall celebrating his birthday with Tomas and Joyce Jeffery.

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ELLE & ELLE Chiang Mai roadshow

It’s the third time ELLE and ELLE Decoration magazines held a roadshow in Chiang Mai. This event was named “ELLE & ELLE Decoration Chiang Mai Roadshow 2007” and took place the 19th and 20th of May at Airport Central Plaza.

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