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A special trip for the Maechan and Sindoi hill tribe children

A special trip for the Maechan and Sindoi hill tribe children

A group of talented children from the Maechan hill tribe from the Chiang Rai province recently traveled to Bangkok to perform at the Belgian Ambassador’s residence.
It was a first for the young musicians who have been taking lessons and playing in the Chiang Rai Youth Orchestra led by Ajarn Paramet.

The hill tribe violinists and organizer Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz at the Belgian Ambassador’s residence in Bangkok.

Students from the Sindoi hill tribe who study ceramic making also participated and presented the Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Jan Matthysen, a beautiful ceramic portrait using enamel techniques of French artist Paul Beckrich depicting Chao Phya Abhai Raja.
The piece of art will be displayed at the Belgian Embassy in Bangkok.

Winai, one of the students from the Sindoi ceramic project presented a portrait depicting Chao Phya Abhai Raja to Ambassador Jan Matthysen.
Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz of the Insii Thai House in Maechan, Chiangr Rai was instrumental in making this trip possible.
The journey, organized by the Rotary Club of Maechan, proved to be very successful, and without a doubt, the students touched the hearts of everyone who attended the party and impressed the audience with their musical talents.

The hill tribe violinist’s performance impressed the VIPS.
The event was attended by some of the distinguished members of the Bangkok society, including Privy Councilor M.R. Thep Devakula, several ambassadors and diplomats, artists, Rotarians, musicians and orchestra conductors, as well as corporate executives.
Following the concert in Bangkok the children traveled to Cha Am beach where they spent time enjoying the surf and sand for the first time.
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The hill tribe children visit Cha Am beach for the first time.