Around town

l/r Boong, Sydney and Kate enjoying dinner at the Tsunami restaurant on Huay Kaew.

Earn, Simon, Siripan, Malcolm, Timmy, Tony, Rung and Nest, celebrating Gordon Bell’s birthday at Villa Obkhan. Unfortunately, Gordon could not attend his own birthday party. Gordon promised a party to celebrate his birthday, but changed his mind, so his friends went ahead without him and held a party anyway.

In the back row, Andrew Forbes, Tom Falthrop and Tong. Seated Ron Emmons and Robert Hayes at the popular Friday night gathering at The Writer’s Club.

l/r Seksan Tammakoon, Ian Miller, Tim McGuire and Jens Kronberg enjoying a late Sunday brunch.

Old Man’s Club hosted a wine tasting recently and was attended by Police General Kowit Wattana, 2nd from the right with Mr. Art and his wife of the GAP guest house.

Attending the Up with People concert were David and Marie Baird with Trisha and Wally Hueneke - from Prem School.

l/r Bram, Steven, Fred, Joi and Fuk in the audience attending the Up with People concert.

l/r Beryl and Jonathan McKeown with Vera Howell and Carol Street at the Up with People concert.

The entertainers and cast members of Up with People (l/r) Katrien from Belgium, Yuri from Japan, Renee and Christine from the USA delighted the audience with their performances.

Visiting quizmaster Milt shamed all the competitors at the monthly quiz night at The Lotus Hotel’s Garden Bar with his all too difficult questions. The winning team pictured scored the all time lowest winning score of 27. Standing l/rt Tommy (bartender), Tim, Harry, Mark. Below l/rt is Tee (bartender) and Mohamad.

Spotted at the Holiday Inn Sunday brunch were friends (l/r) Thomas Olson, Lawrence Goldberg, Maurice Lawson, George Scudder and Bill Moeller.

A large group of friends gathered to welcome some out-of-towners for dinner at La Gondola on the river.