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Book Review

Book Review: by Lang Reid

Life in the Laugh Lane

“Life in the Laugh Lane” is a weekly column in the Chiangmai Mail, written by Scott Jones. “Life in the Laugh Lane” is also a book by Scott Jones (ISBN 1-59971-988-6), and published in 2006 by the same Scott Jones. This begs the question, does Scott Jones really exist? Or is it a pseudonym for someone to hide behind in anonymity? Or even, does anyone really want to be Scott Jones?
However, I have met the ‘real’ Scott Jones in Chiang Mai, and he is very much ‘alive’ in his laugh lane. His own description of himself runs as, “I was born in Fargo, North Dakota (but I take pills for it). Most of my life has been in the entertainment business as singer, songwriter, performer, producer, arranger, pianist, guitarist and comedian. I performed in all 50 states, released four albums of original music and comedy, and wrote a humor column for a national college magazine for several years. For five years I was creative director for Designstein, a graphic design/internet development company, then spent five more as VP of a textile company creating high-performance fabric for athletic/active wear. I have a serious photography passion for the ridiculous as well as the sublime. I have lived in Chiang Mai since 2003 and plan to do so until my next life. I’m currently on the board of directors of FERC (Foundation for the Education of Rural Children), write the weekly humor column “Life in the Laugh Lane” for Chiangmai Mail newspaper and perform regularly for events and benefits in Thailand. I love to hike, cycle, inline skate, canoe, cook, garden, eat Thai food and attempt to build (this) web site. Even though a motorcycle almost stopped it in 2002, it’s still very dear to my heart.”
The book is predominantly a collection of his Chiangmai Mail short stories, but there are other longer pieces as well, with many relating to his near death experience at the hands of a hit and run driver. Almost a “life in the last lane” for Scott Jones.
Author Scott Jones has the opportunity in this book to indulge his “serious photography passion for the ridiculous” with the three pigs on the cover being classic examples of his somewhat off-the-wall humor. Instead of “This little piggy went to market …” he has three little piggies. I also liked the photo of the sign for the “Amigone Funeral Home”. I hope I know before they place me on the BBQ!
Author Scott (as opposed to photographer Scott) is not averse to saying it like it really is, and the item on the Night Safari in Chiang Mai is a classic example. When the Night Safari had its soft opening, exotic meats were promised from their exotic restaurant. “What lunatic buffoon came up with this exotic menu?” asks Scott. What buffoon indeed?
With the profits from the book going to the charities for the needy children, your chuckles will help children. Great stories that you will relate to, and chuckles, if not guffaws, guaranteed. Definitely worth finding (and buying). Don’t be miserable! Get one!