Vol. VI No. 24 - Tuesday
August 7, - August 13, 2007

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Former tent evangelist warms up to Edna


Former tent evangelist warms up to Edna

My Dearest Edna:
Praise be unto you for your goodness and good works, and praise be to our lord for bringing you to us.
Your weekly letters are a grate (sic) inspiration to me. Prior to the appearance of your letters, I had considered leaving Chiang Mai and returning to my native Long Neck, New York. But your letters inspire me so much that I am moved to remain in this our adopted city.
I have of late been unwell, and thus unable to attend regular Christian services or to gather with the holy at the Holiday Inn Sunday brunch (formerly Westin, formerly Sheraton). I am aware, however of your ministry—working the streets passing out leaflets discouraging sex as entertainment. In addition to parenting your beloved Tabatha, you are to be commended for working the streets in pursuit of sin.
I often wondered why God cursed me with arthritic hips — thus cutting short both my career in ballroom dancing and my career as a tent evangelist. I do hope to return soon to the activity of the church and mission. It has now been over 8 months since my operation and my doctor assures me that with daily massages and weekly colon irrigation I will be off my back and able to walk upright once again. At that time it is my hope to return to minister in the mountain villages – the very ministry your husband left such a short while ago.
Most of our readers are not familiar with the work of your husband and I hesitate to dwell on the activities of the Reverend Donald while the church inquiry continues. It is so sad that in what were to be his final days upon this earth that his reputation was sullied and it is a shame that he had to spend his last days under threat of indictment.
Whatever your feelings at the loss of your beloved husband, at least you have a wonderful child of that union upon whom you can shower your guidance and parental perspicuity. Do not dismay Tabatha’s slide into pre-marital (sic) sex. It is the way of sin, and into sin each of us was born, and in which most of us continue to live—dependent as we are upon prayers of forgiveness.
Oh, dear. I must delay any further comment until another time. My personal massage therapist has just arrived at my bedside. I grow stronger every day as a result of his laying on of hands, and soon I will be able to rejoin you in your work among the streets and sewers of Chiang Mai. Meanwhile, know that I await with anticipation the arrival of the Chiang Mai Mail and your weekly letter of inspiration.
Name withheld


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