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Grand opening for The Gatehouse Inn at Thapae Gate

Thaivisa.com members attend party at Tuskers


Grand opening for The Gatehouse Inn at Thapae Gate

A great place for steaks, fondue, salads and more

Mike, On, Malcolm and Mai strike a pose.

Proud owners Anthony Burnette and Ian Hollingsworth celebrate the opening of their newest venture, The Gatehouse Inn Bar and Restaurant just across from Thapae Gate.

Mac, Mary and Claire at the grand opening.

Matson, Phillip and Steve toast to the opening of the Gatehouse Bar and Restaurant.

Tex, Rod and Max enjoying the evening at the grand opening.

ICO Legal Team present flowers to the Gatehouse Bar and Restaurant co-owner Anthony at the grand opening.

Local Chiang Mai entrepreneurs Ian Hollingsworth and Anthony Burnette of the Queen Victoria Inn fame have expanded their bar and restaurant empire with the opening of The Gatehouse Inn Bar and Restaurant at Thapae Gate.
The Gatehouse is located at 47 Mun Muang Road (outside the moat) and will cater to both tourists and locals in Chiang Mai.
Following months of careful renovations the Gatehouse Inn held its opening last week that gave guests a sneak preview of what’s to come.
The bar greets guests as they enter and it is expertly staffed by lovely ladies who know how to serve up a drink and a smile.
There are two dining areas, the front section which looks out onto the Thapae wall and the back room that offers a more secluded and quieter seating area.
The back room is where you can find the large salad bar with over 20 items including fresh fruits, vegetables, all sorts of salad greens, potato and pasta salads and many other healthy foods.
Steak lovers will enjoy the Argentine beef in a variety of presentations and sizes including the Entrecote, the 500 grams of T-Bone and Medallions of beef in a Roquefort sauce. All come with a side of vegetables and a baked (jacket) potato or steak house fries.
Fondue pots for the dippers are the imported diced beef, chicken or prawns that you can cook at your table. There is a choice of homemade sauces to garnish your meal. Cheese lovers can indulge in a delicious fondue of piping hot melted cheese served for two.
One of Ian’s favorite menu items is “death by chocolate” that contains one or two surprises from the original recipe. It’s sweet, sinful, loaded with calories and bad for you… have it… it’s delicious.
The Gatehouse Inn is open for breakfast from 8am, lunch and dinner ‘till late.
On Sundays they offer a traditional plated English roast lunch and very soon renovation of the 16 guest rooms upstairs will be completed just in time for high season.
For directions, bookings or additional information give Anthony a call on 0832 967802 or Ian on 0861 588712.


Thaivisa.com members attend party at Tuskers

So that’s Donnyboy from Thaivisa.com in the company of Noi.

Over 100 Thaivisa.com members attended the party at Tuskers. Spotted here are Mokola, Rachel (co-owner) and Steve.

Thaivisa.com members Skoperism, Jojo and Artey enjoying the barbeque and Beer Laos at Tuskers.

Soirsamui, Prince Albert, Sgt Bilko and Irishinchiangmai putting faces to avatars at the Thaivisa.com party at Tuskers.

Thaivisa.com and Tuskers recently hosted a gathering for its members. (l/r) Rose, Mike, Rudy, Araya, Lois and John meeting their online friends.