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Airbus A380 mishap
delays Chiang Mai landing

The super jumbo seen here just before touchdown at the Chiang Mai airport. (Photo courtesy of Neil Perry)

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Sin taxes go up

Cigarette prices have risen one to two baht per pack following a one per cent increase in the excise tax under the Thai government policy to curb smoking by up to 20 million packs a year.
The president of Phillip Morris in Thailand, Achoke Rammohan said the wholesale prices of imported cigarettes have risen two baht per pack due to the 1 per cent excise tax increase. However, he said it remains to be seen how much the retail price of cigarettes will be affected.
Thailand Tobacco Monopoly spokeswoman Praphatsorn Phongphanphisal confirmed the wholesale prices of the state firm’s cigarettes increased one to two baht a pack and said that cigarette dealers would likely observe trade ethics and not raise the retail prices disproportionately.

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Governor and Police Chief promoted

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Fire in the bow concert charms audience in Chiang Rai

On August 25th, Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz, together with the Rotary Club of Maechan, hosted a very special concert of the Chiang Rai Youth Orchestra at the Wiang Inn Hotel in Chiang Rai: Fire in the Bow with accompanist violinist Geertje Podevyn from Belgium playing in a multi-ethnic concert.

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Thailand to miss out on Malaysia’s #1?

Word whipped around the Bangkok International Motor Show last April that Malaysia’s top-selling car was on the way to Thailand. But now Malaysia’s nominal number two car maker Perodua, which in fact outsells the government-backed Proton by a substantial margin, says this is not on the cards, now and perhaps forever.

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Elvis hasn’t left the building

Karl, Elaine, Elvis, Steve and Carrie seen here backstage after the Elvis Memory performance.

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CMU hosts conference on Global Warming

The Faculty of Science at Chiang Mai University held a conference on global warming with main speaker Dr. Arnon Sanidwong na Ayudhaya who revealed that temperatures in Thailand have increased 2-3 degrees Celsius in recent years.

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