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September 18, - September 24, 2007

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Puppies too young to be sold


Puppies too young to be sold

Dear Editor:
As a lover of animals, I write with great concern having seen a classified ad on Tuesday 04/09/07 in Chiangmai Mail for a 6 week old pedigree puppy for sale.
It may be a surprise to many, but a puppy or kitten being separated from its mother and siblings at 6 weeks of age is detrimental to the future health and social ability of that young animal.
Any professional breeder selling puppies/kittens would know that the age of 4-8 weeks is a crucial social development age whereby the young animal should be with its mother and siblings to learn essential developmental behavior and skills becoming sociable, learning to play without biting and scratching too hard and gaining confidence and assertiveness are just some examples.
In terms of health, unless a puppy or kitten was living in an animal rescue shelter environment, where the decision is usually made to give a 1st vaccination from the age of 6 weeks (due to higher risk of diseases in the surroundings), vets and professional breeders would normally only give a 1st vaccination at the age of 8 weeks.
It is very worrisome that the puppy in this ad is the “last of the litter’” for sale at 6 weeks of age. Does this mean that the litter have all been vaccinated at an inappropriate age (a high risk for a compromised immune system, sickness or even death), or that this individual selling the puppy has not given any vaccinations to the puppies prior to selling them?
There are many, many mixed breed (street/stray/soi) animals in desperate need of a home. Most people prefer pedigrees animals due to their look and temperament but readers might want to consider giving a home to a mixed breed animal.
There are two animal rescue organizations in Chiang Mai, Care for Dogs and Lanna Dog Rescue where animals can be adopted to a good home. Care for Dogs also provides information to people moving to another country or going back to their home country and are not sure how to go about readying their pet to move with them.
These 2 organizations work very hard, relying on donations by compassionate and supportive people, to rescue, recover and re-home animals.
Sarah Mills
Chaing Mai
Editor replies: Care for Dogs can be contacted at http://www.carefordogs .org/index2.php
And Lanna Dog Rescue at http://www.lannadog.net/en/index.html


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