Around Town

Kobkiat Kasiwiwat (left), Vice Director, Office of Justice Affairs, conducted a meeting for local justice officials at the Imperial Grand Hall, the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

Kanok Suwanvisuth (left), Acting President of theThai Hotels Association Northern Chapter, conducted a meeting for members at the Imperial Room 3, the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

Panya Thanomrod (center), Minister of The Supreme Court of Thailand, conducted a seminar for management of the Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Thailand at the Imperial Room 1, the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

Open mike night on Tuesdays at Santas Grotto. Jeep, Kao, Santina and Aaron performing a witty story.

Ladies night at the Pub held once a month. From left to right Gay, Malisa and Boong.

Also seen at Ladies night at The Pub were left to right Elena, Barbara and Sally.

Jeff and Carrie Grossman attended the Hillside Charity Rooftop monthly dinner at a local hotel.

Maurice and Lucy from Prem School enjoy the evening at the charity monthly dinner.

David and Puey Salisbury supporting the Hillside Charity Rooftop to be held in January.

Luca and Francois of the Holiday Inn Chiang Mai with Mary and John at the dinner.

Richard, Nong, Nui and Brian always supporting the Hillside Charity Rooftop events.

A group photo of some of the 60 guests who attended. The next dinner event will the 13th of October at the Holiday Inn River Terrace.

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