Around Town

Stefano and Rudy being fed by Jim at The Sofitel.

Kim, Rudy, Joon and Troy at the wine tasting.

Weng, Kee, Fan and Ken at the Sofitel.

Timothy, Marco and Raem at the Sofitel.

Scot Nick and John enjoying the wine from Siam Winery.

Fill them up say Urai, Fern, Vicki and Michael.

Hans, Marco and Raem at the Sofitel.

Chutipak, Werawit and Jirawat from the Sofitel.

Co-host Kim of Siam Winery with Mike and David.

Paul Schoenkopfs’ birthday bash

Birthday boy Paul Schoenkopf (right) flanked by the musicians who entertained at his party.

Paul and his friends celebrate his birthday.

John Edwards, John Cooley, Elena Edwards, Milt Owens and Celeste Holland at Paul’s birthday bash.

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