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Quiz mania hits the town


Quiz mania hits the town

Dave, Mattias, David, Kevin and Mike’s team named the Gate Bar at Monday’s
Tuskers quiz night.

(standing) Haken, Sue and Peter, seated Mark, Judith, David and Michael formed the Swede and Leek team at the Tuskers quiz night.

Johnny, Kristen, Chris, Max and Jeff formed the the Ajarn Mart Memorial Team at Tusker’s Monday night quiz.

The Broken Hearts went to the Tuesday’s quiz night at the Olde Bell (l/r) Martin, Bob, Eric, Chris and Phil.

At the Thursday’s UN Irish bar quiz night (l/r) Dave, Michele, Sara and Mathew form the team called “Sparle Motion”.

The Bigger than Jesus team, Letitia, Tom, Marie, Shane and Dave at the UN Irish Pub quiz night hoping to come up with a miracle.