Around Town

Eric, Phil, Hugh and Graham formed the Norfolk & Chance team at The Pub quiz held on Friday evenings.

The Geordies team at The Pub included Ian, Kevin, Jim and David.

John, Graham, Freda and John named themselves the Blackies for quiz night.

Beating out the six other teams, the winners David, Chris, Kit, Phil and Gay celebrate.

Nick Bauer, General Manager of Imperial Maeping Hotel, is seen cutting a sausage laced ribbon marking the opening ceremony of the Oktoberfest, German beer festival at the Mae Ping Coffee shop where guests were entertained by a musical band.

Bless a Child band secured a space in the final round after winning last weeks talent competition at JJ Market. They received 5000 baht and will be returning in December to compete with the other monthly winners.

l/r Jim Cox, Frank Nystrom, Dr Saney, Chuny and Alan Hall at the last Expats Club meeting. Dr. Saney and Chhuny were the featured guests and spoke about their involvement with the Lak Tang Village Aid and Support Project.

You never know who will drop by at the Riverside - a one night special concert by the famous Thai rock band – “The Futon” performed much to the delight of the patrons.

Enjoying the all you can eat Sunday’s English carvery lunch at the Queen Vic – (standing) David, Ian (the landlord) and Mary. (seated) Mel, Sandy, Maeve, Mac and Natashia.

Wan, John, Richard and Christian were amongst the diners at Mi Casa and discovered it was Chef Kike’s 29th birthday. Felicidades Kike!

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