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Cooler weather brings on opening of the Wine Bar

“O’zapft is!” or in Bavarian: “It’s tapped!” kicks off Oktoberfest

Chiang Mai’s The Pub marks another milestone


Cooler weather brings on opening of the Wine Bar

Patricia and Noi are ready for a refill.

New arrivals Urs Lienhard, Director of F&B at Le Meridien and Wattana Kaewmano from Le Meridan getting a few tips from Noi on Chiang Mai.

Future Chiang Mai expat Todd Kassap and Mohamad Jesr leaving the wine bar - who’s helping who home!

Narin, Nayada and Jeerawat trying out the new selections at the Wine Bar

Richard, Rossi and Kathy stop by for the season opening.

Roojchangtraker, Kaewmanee, Somchai, Ordy and Tar enjoying the red.

The Wine Bar staff paused long enough to get their snap taken. (l/r) Aod, Koy, Noi, Little and Khun.

Wattana Kaewmano, Asst. F&B of the Le Meridien, Karina from Khara Shop,
 Noi, owner of the Wine Gallery, Pim Kemasingki and Tom Sexton
at the opening of the Wine Bar.


“O’zapft is!” or in Bavarian: “It’s tapped!” kicks off Oktoberfest

Rob Force, Dorjai, Matt Ramsey and Colin Hinshelwood build up some muscles with their liter sized mugs at Oktoberfest.

Sergio (right) and some of his friends in traditional dress.

Where’s the beer? Joanne Hendry, Koragoch and Peter Tate

Jah, Dr. Tom and Reto Kalberer join in the festivities at Buonissimo’s Oktoberfest.

Grown men doing funny things like trying to inflate German sausage size balloons.

Samuel, Fritz and Sui Frosch having a blast.

Ajira, Bruce, Sue and Nicky wonder if a Novemberfest is in the works.

The cow bells ringing performance brought down the house and a few wandering cows in the neighborhood.

How did I end up here asks Fetterica.

Um-pa-pa, Um-pa-pa, everyone knows… or something to that effect.

Giordano, Fetterica, Todd, Lubosh, Nabin, Sergio and Antoine all enjoy the German beer while trying to stand up straight.

Let’s hope the wives were behind the wheel for the drive home. The beer drinking contest was one of the favorite activities of the evening.

Let’s hope the husbands were behind the wheel for the drive home. The women’s beer drinking was a crowd pleaser.

Owner Sergio and Tom Sexton flanked by the Lederhosen band members.

The world famous 16 day Oktoberfest was celebrated last week at Sergio’s Italian Buonissimo’s restaurant on the Ping River.
Though some six million people attend the Bavarian beerfest in Munich every year, Chiang Mai turned out in smaller numbers to indulge in large quantities of German food and of course liters and liters of beer. Music, dances, balloon blowing, singing and beer drinking contests kept the crowds entertained.

Chiang Mai’s The Pub marks another milestone

38 years in business is quite an accomplishment

On October 14th the oldest watering hole in Chiang Mai celebrated another milestone – 38 years serving the locals of Chiang Mai!

Smiles all around as Liz, Landlord Grahame and Peter celebrate another milestone.

The Pub on Huay Kaew Road under the management of the genial and gracious landlord Grahame Quinn, his family and staff offered a complimentary buffet while musical ensemble the Gypsy Lou Band performed for the loads of people coming along to wish many happy returns.
If you pop along to The Pub – you never know who you might bump into – it might be Roy Hudson, who has been in Chiang Mai over 50 years and can tell a few stories, or even HSH Prince Bhisatej Rajani, Chairman of HM the King’s Royal Projects – who drops by now and then.
Grahame has done major renovations to the place – both inside and out. It now boasts one of the biggest bars in town, a non-smoking dining area, and a huge screen TV showing most sports from around the world. If you have one too many – just ask Grahame for a guest room – he now has chalets available. I have heard you can get a great Bloody Mary with your early morning call!
On the first Monday of every month “The Gentlemen’s Club” meets and not to be outdone the Ladies have their own evening on the first Thursday of every month. Everyone who buys a drink in the Pub gets a raffle ticket – with a weekly draw every Wednesday at 7pm where customers have a chance to get a voucher to buy food and drinks. Fridays sees the quiz master in his element – controlling the uncontrollable. The Pub would not be the same without the traditional English Sunday Roasts for which it is famous for – choice of meats – with Yorkshire pudding. Just look at the girth on the landlord and you will remember the old saying ‘never trust a thin chef.’
The next planned event is the annual Christmas Party – in aid of local children. However, no doubt there will be plenty of parties and events in between.
Visit the Pub on Huay Kaew Road just up the street from the Amari Rincome. It’s friendly, fun and all are welcome.

l/r Party goers Julian, Emma, Mathew, Mark, Amy, James and Russell.

The rest of the hard working crew always aiming to please – Paul, Gay, Seeda, Grahame, Pan and Phet.

Boon, Shaun and Roy – Legendary Roy has been coming to the pub since it opened. He told the Chiang Mai Mail, “I’ve been here since this damn thing started.”

Parada, Gay, Bernard and Tan

What’s a party without some good tunes? Rick, Domino and Gypsy Lou kept the crowd entertained.

Julie, Oil and Gill of the Darling Wine Bar stop by to wish Grahame a
 Happy Anniversary.

l/r Els, Tibo, Gerrie, Petra, Pepyn and Harm stopped in for the anniversary celebrations.

Always a line at the popular buffet with loads of good food for everyone.

Graham, Sue, Hugh, Eric, Carole and Tum concur - the food and drinks are great!