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Students become U.N. diplomats for a day

Students become U.N. diplomats for a day

Andrew J. MacLachlan, Head of Humanities, Prem Tinsulanonda International School
The Prem Tinsulanonda International School held a ‘model’ United Nations Conference on November 3rd. Delegates from NIS, Lanna, CMIS and of course Prem; each representing different countries around the world.
Everyone who participated represented, alone or in a small group, a country or organization, or presided over an assembly. In order to do this as realistically as possible, every delegate assumed the role, authorities and responsibilities of a duly appointed representative of their country. Delegates’ personal opinions and philosophies were abandoned in exchange for those of the country or organization they represented.
The purpose of Model United Nations is to provide student delegates with enriched opportunities to become better global citizens. This was accomplished by examining relevant real-world issues, building empathy, developing research and writing abilities, fostering problem-solving strategies, promoting group discussion and consensus-building skills, and by having fun while learning to further agendas through diplomacy.
Kevin J. Rosier, Deputy US Consul addressed the General Assembly, stressing the importance of their roles of representing their individual countries whilst working together in the United Nations. Denise Van Dorp from CMIS (Chair) and Max Roecker from Prem (Deputy Chair) officially opened the Assembly.
Delegates where then divided into regional committees with a permanent Security Council member being assigned to each committee.
Representing Committee One was Africa (SC France) who topic was Refugees - The rights of the child. On Committee Two the Americas (SC USA) topic was Security. Committee Three from Asia (SC China) tackled human trafficking and the sex trade. Committee Four from Europe (SC Great Britain) handled Immigration and Committee Five from the Middle East (SC Russia) dealt with migrant and foreign workers.
In the afternoon the General Assembly convened for speeches and amendments.
Whilst allowing a ‘free hand’ to most of the events supervisors attended from each of the schools involved.
The day was officially closed with awards and comments from the supervisors and delegates. After dinner, social activities were arranged to promote the inter-relationships between the countries, delegates and schools involved.

l/r Max Roecker Deputy - Chair (Prem), Kevin Rosier US Deputy Consul, Denise Van Dorp - Chair with Andrew MacLaughlan ‘Mac’

Kathleen Wunderli representing Sudan sat next to the South African representative Useng Lee. France was the Security Council member for Africa represented by Kevin Lee and Vincent Leutwiler.

The supervisors for the day were l/r Dan Eggen, Chris Watson, Jeff Troyer, Andrew MacLachlan ‘Mac’, Martin Foakes and Aidan Tolhurst

Asian Committee delegates spent the day dealing with ways to combat human trafficking and the sex trade.

The African committee had the task of dealing with
refugees and the rights of children.

Even student diplomats needed a much needed break from the arduous committee meetings.