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4th Annual Charity Rooftop Party a success - again!

Another world is possible with sexual diversity

Skål Club meets at Sofitel Riverside


4th Annual Charity Rooftop Party a success - again!

January 26 celebrations raised 938,000 baht

Mary Russell
When over four hundred people gather together in a party mood it’s going to be a great evening, - and it was!
From early morning the workers had transformed the rooftop of Hillside Condotel 4 into the party location for a fantastic evening of delicious food, an amazing variety of bars, live bands and fun games.
Khun Wachara Tantranont, owner of Hillside Condotel & Plaza, once again kindly provided the venue, staff, general bar and sound systems. By late afternoon almost everything was in place and all that remained was to await the arrival of the first guests.
Wine Gallery managed the wine bar with its usual efficiency. Mi Casa Restaurant ran the Cocktail Bar with its sophisticated delights. The Pisco Payat Bar introduced us to Peruvian Pisco, a first for most of us, whilst Bon Café’s Coffee Bar and Miss Chocolate added the final touch to the evening’s menu with excellent coffee and tempting chocolates. Coca Cola generously supplied every bar for the evening.
It was unanimously agreed that the various live entertainers, Bradley from Artspace on 7, Northgate Jazz Club, and Simple Tone were superb. Pretty Megumi Nishimori, aged 10, charmed everyone with her graceful dancing to music from the Lion King. For all of this, much thanks to all concerned, not least of all the MC’s Pim and John and ‘auctioneer’ Philip Dailey, for their assistance. The Rooftop Party was honoured by the presence of US Consul General Michael Morrow and his wife, the Japanese Consul General Mrs Junko, the Honorary Consul of Peru Mom Luang Preeyapun and Dr. Samai Srirthongtahaworn from Rajagarindra Hospital.
What makes every Annual Rooftop Party such an outstanding event is the continued support of major sponsors like Amari Hotels, Chiang Mai Mail and Citylife Magazine, joined this year by Toyota, Dusit Hotels and California WOW. The response to requests for prizes was overwhelming, as international and local businesses excelled all expectations by donating a wide variety of items and vouchers for the Silent Auction, Live Auction, Raffles and other games. All contributions were most gratefully received, however large or small, in the certain knowledge that they could be used in order to raise money for the chosen charity of the year. The Silent Auction raised 200,000 baht; the Live Auction in excess of 50,000 baht. See the list of raffle winners below.
This year a staggering 938,000 baht was raised for the chosen charity, the Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons. The Foundation is based at the Disabled Centre, Rajpakinai 133/1, Chiang Mai. If you would like more details of their excellent work with the disabled, please visit their website at www.infothai.com/disabled. Through the generosity of the sponsors, donors and general public, sufficient funds were raised to provide a vehicle for the Foundation to enable them to visit and assist Thai people in rural areas around Chiang Mai. Toyota Chiang Mai agreed to supply the specially modified truck at a discounted price so that this dream could become a reality. As a result of this great kindness the additional monies raised will be used to buy mobility aids, (known as “tricycles”), which will greatly improve the lives of the more mobile of the disabled persons who are helped by the Foundation. Post-party calls and e mails confirm what was said on the night. Brilliant party! Fantastic prizes! Amazing result! …and… When’s the next one?

Many of the prizes we gratefully received were put into the auction and silent auction, or given as prizes in the various games held during the evening. People who were unable to attend, but who still wanted to support the fundraising, bought raffle tickets. Here is a list of the winners.
4th Annual Charity Rooftop Party Raffle
1. Amari Rincome Maurice
2. Hillside Fitness Zimper
3. Lanna Fantasy Sarah Mills
4. Plubbla 17086 No Name
5. Chiang Mai Mail 17130 No Name
6. Four Seasons 01762 Patrick Melling
7. Amari Rincome 15184 Hulseborch
8. Amari Rincome 19487 Pauline
9. Amari Rincome 02081 Sue Houlton
10. D2 Hotel 06015 Basil
11. D2 Hotel 16074 Mike
12. D2 Hotel 19134 Peter Rotherham
13. D2 Hotel 19603 Joanne
14. D2 Hotel Georgio De Facci
15. Chiang Mai Mail 19087 Peter Rotherham
16. Oasis Spa 01929 Patrick Melling
17. Amari Rincome 02216 Sue Williams
18. The Chedi 02307 Paul Coulson
19. Nova Jewellery 19715 No Name
20. Nova Jewellery 00734 Vanee Simachai
21. C.M. Cookery School 00452 No Name
22. Amari Rincome 04308 Warren Stone
23. Baan Celadon 15285 No Name
24. Baan Celadon 01265 Ron
25. Shangri-La 03377 Pim
26. Shangri-La 02081 Sue Williams
27. Bangkok Hospital 19205 Richard Ivans
28. Amari Rincome 02835 David
29. Lanna Fantasy 19350 Watts
30. Elements Shop 16079 Mike
31. Philip Ward 19831 Robert Waardenburg
32. Georgio’s 19182 Lynn
33. Georgio’s 19255 Laura
34. Mengrai Kilns 01880 Patrick Melling
35. Mengrai Kilns 18005 Anneke Henduiler
36. Mengrai Kilns 01040 John Ryan
37. Mengrai Kilns 01560 Leo
38. Prempracha 01412 K. Jim
39. Elements Shop 15287 No Name
40. Elements Shop 15280 No Name
41. Elements Shop 01255 Ron
42. Elements Shop 02021 Chan
43. Oci Leather 02249 Donna
44. Le Spice 01108 David Gordon
45. Cheeva Spa 01826 Patrick Melling
46. Cheeva Spa 02709 Brott
47. The Pub 02779 No Name
48. Absolute Hair 03337 Dol
49. Absolute Hair 02704 Duang Jaz Joy
50. Buonissimo 00974 Odd Arntsen
51. Buonissimo 02689 No Name
52. Le Crystal 02165 Lilian
53. Le Crystal 02717 Bart
54. Fashion King 03132 Graham Peacock
55. Fashion King 04349 Steve Warren
56. Fashion King 01149 Jamie Thompson
57. Fashion King 15397 John
58. Fashion King 00408 No Name
59. Fashion King 19761 David Barret
60 Fashion King 00383 No Name
61. Fashion King 01313 Jamie Thompson
62. Fashion King 00477 No Name
63. Fashion King 19465 Pauline
65. The Dukes 16228 Vanita
66. Tops Supermarket 16039 Pam
67. Tops Supermarket 19762 David Barret
68. Tops Supermarket 01902 Patrick Melling
69. Tops Supermarket 04374 Warren
70. California Wow 01196 David Robinson
71. California Wow 16164 Sarah Daly
72. California Wow 04569 Joyce
73. California Wow 01085 David Gordon
74. California Wow 04388 Warren
75. Hair Pro 19747 Folbert
77. Royal Princess 03415 Brian
78. Royal Princess 03490 Bart
79. Saenkham Terrace 01534 No Name
80. Le Spice 01536 No Name
81. Le Spice 01539 No Name
82. Le Spice 01182 David
83. Devarana Spa 01434 K. Ting
84. Ye Olde Bell 01421 K.Ting
85. O’malleys Irish Pub 16131 Lugeborg
86. Air Museum 15081 Eugenio
87. Four Seasons 00158 Lucy
Items Nos. 64 And 76 Were Withdrawn.


Another world is possible with sexual diversity

Equality in Diversity NOW! is the rallying call of the 3rd ILGA-Asia Regional Conference for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) people on January 26. For the first time in Thai history more than 250 LGBTIQ people from all over Asia proudly marched and danced in the streets of Chang Mai to make themselves visible, with the hope that the rest of the world was watching.

Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn (right) is chatting with Sunil Pant, President of Nepal’s Blue Diamond Society, about the Yogyjakarta Principles.
This pride parade and street party happened at Night Bazaar Street, starting from Buddhist Centre (Puttastan) to Pantip Plaza. This event also marks the ‘global day of action and mobilisation’ where millions of people, civil society organisations, and social movements from various parts of the world have organised events to show that ‘another world is possible’.
“For ILGA-Asia a world that is truly democratic, is a world that is inclusive of all genders, a community that is accepting of gender diversity, religions that are respectful of sexual differences among people, and governments that protect and uphold the human rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals, Transgenders, Intersex and Queers.” said Mira Ofreneo, ILGA-Asia female representative from the Philippines.
The conference was officially launched on January 24 with opening remarks from no less than Dr. Naiyana Supapueng, representing the National Human Rights Commission in Thailand, and Prof. Vitit Muntarbhorn, UN Special Rapporteur for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Beautifully dressed LGBTIQ people parade through
the streets around the Night Bazaar.

ILGA supporters are all smiles as the parade marches by.

Skål Club meets at Sofitel Riverside

Anchalee Kalmapijit, Ampaipun Tubtong, Boomlert Buranupakorn, Earth Caiswang and Pakin Ployphicha (l/r) attending the Skål dinner at the Sofitel Riverside Resort.

The Skål Club of Northern Thailand - a group of Hospitality Business professionals - met this month at the Sofitel Riverside for their monthly dinner gathering. The general manager of the hotel, Brendan Daly, opened the evening by welcoming the guests and introducing the Sofitel Riverside as an exciting new addition to the luxury hotels of Chiang Mai. An introduction with a video presentation by Mr. Nakayama of the Healing Family Foundation followed. To everyone’s surprise Mr. Nakayama brought along a group of disabled children from the foundation who charmed the audience with their coordinated dance steps. Following the delightful display, Anchalee Kalmapijit, president of the Skål Club, and Ken Hill, its director, invited everybody to stand, raise their glasses, and repeat the traditional Skål toast, after which everyone present enjoyed a delicious and elegant meal. It was a most cordial and enchanting evening.
The Skål Club Northern chapter’s next monthly dinner will be held at the Teavana Hotel, Chiang Mai on February 28. Those who would like to join the club are asked to kindly contact Mr. Armin by email on: [email protected].

Attending the Skål dinner; Reinhard,
Mohamad, Bruce, Jessica,  Annette and Anne (l/r).

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