Around Town

A group of friends enjoying the food at the Garden Bar and Restaurant. Pictured: Wirote, Neil, John W. and Oan (standing), John A., Maurice, Thomas and Lance (seated).

Associates of the British Council relaxing at the opening of the new ‘Caffè Gourmet by La Gondola’. Heather, Taa, Gin and Ann (l/r).

Grahame from The Pub opened early so customers could see the New York Giants end the New England Pats’ perfect season with a fantastic fourth-quarter rally to win Super Bowl XLII. Scott, Glenda, Jose, Uriel, Scotty, David, Ben, Micah and Stephen (standing l/r) with Keisha and the Colorado Kid (seated).

Vincent Leutwiler celebrated his 19th birthday at the River Ping Palace recently. Pictured (l/r) Julie, Dominique (Vincent’s Mum), birthday boy Vincent, Esther (hostess) and Mary.

Around Town Chinese New Year

Sally Ward, Sue Hunt, with Judith and Peter Rotherham (l/r) chose to spend a very special Chinese New Year at The Chedi Hotel.

Hong, Mas and Leng (standing) with Tee, Garcia and Chay (seated) decided on the Jasmine Restaurant at the Royal Princess for Chinese New Year.

Tsoukaiti, Tsou Hsin Ling, Tsou Jun and Chen Chon Mei (l/r) chose the Holiday Inn
to spend Chinese New Year.

Samuel, Abrielle, Davis, Mycah and Ayden (l/r) enjoy the Lion Dance Spectacle
at the Imperial Mae Ping.

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