Vol. VII No. 10 - Tuesday  March 4 - March 10, 2008
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In his home city, Thaksin’s
supporters celebrate his return

Local supporters of ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra gathering
to welcome his homecoming with speeches and celebrations.

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Drug dealer’s assets seized by Office of Narcotics Control Board

A drug dealer associated with the notorious and now deceased General Lao Li’s drugs ring in Chiang Mai had his assets seized last Wednesday by police acting with Office of Narcotics Control Board officials. Last Tuesday, police arrested suspected gang members associated with Suradet Saehow, 38, a Chinese Haw from Chiang Mai, and charged them with possession of 20,000 Ya Ba pills. During questioning, Suradet was implicated as a major figure in the gang. However, he became aware that his name had been put forward, and, leaving his wife and 2 children, fled the area. Police ascertained later that he seemed to have no legal occupation, but had amassed property and personal belongings beyond his apparent means and was living an expensive lifestyle. He had also been seen associating with other members of the Chinese Haw drugs gang.

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Elephant with “longest tusk in the world” dies at Chiang Mai Zoo

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15 Weddings in hot air balloons
after Buddhist ceremony

Nikolaus Prachensky has lived in Thailand for over twenty years. First in Bangkok; where he owned a 100 year old house.18 years ago, his job took him to Paris, but he left all his belongings in the house, which he considered his home.

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Ford unveils the B-Car

As reported in this column recently, a new line is being built in the AAT factory on the Eastern Seaboard for the B-Car of Ford and Mazda. It was known that the Mazda model was going to be the Mazda2, which had already been released in Japan; however, the Ford variant was still being kept under wraps, but was rumoured to be the secret new Fiesta. Ford has now admitted that their new B-Car will be seen at the Geneva Motor Show and has released images of the new vehicle. As expected it follows the concept Verve B-Car which was shown in Frankfurt last year and Detroit.

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Around Town

Pisco comes to Chiang Mai

The Ambassador of the Republic of Peru, H.E. Mr Carlos M. Velasco and Mrs. Simona T. Velasco hosted a glamous reception at The Chedi Hotel last Thursday, February 28 called ‘Peruvian Pisco Night’.

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Many guests enjoyed the beautiful gardens of Ian and Jettli’s home. Pictured: (standing) Ed, Susanna, Alexander and Dominique, (seated) Cindi, Hans, Julie and Karen.

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