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Fun, Food and Fashion at the opening of the Shangri-La’s WoW Bar

H.M. the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament 2008 returns to the Golden Triangle


Fun, Food and Fashion at the opening of the Shangri-La’s WoW Bar

“Whisky or Wine”, and a wonderful party

Charlie, Lina, Ting and Ogawa (l/r) enjoying the grand opening
of the WoW Bar at the Shangri La Hotel.

Guests and staff having a great time at the opening of the WoW Bar. Julian, (F&B), Ratiya, (Event Coordinator), Golden Whitehead, (Executive Chef), Phanarak, Philip, (GM), Vatcharakarn and Oui (l/r).

The Shangri-la’s GM, Philip Dailey, (lucky guy!), surrounded
by some of the beautiful models at the opening of the WoW Bar.

Dang, Chai, Pond and Wood decided on the ‘red’ to celebrate the opening.

Waranon, Wit, Worakorn, Baoo and Maew - all smiles for the camera!

Everyone having a wonderful time partying at the Shangri-La’s WoW Bar.

The evening of March 21 signalled the sparkling occasion which celebrated the opening of the totally transformed WoW Bar & Grill at the Shangri-La hotel in downtown Chiang Mai. Just for those who don’t yet know, WoW stands for Whisky or Wine - a very apposite name! The theme of the party was, just for a very original change, Blue Denim and Jeans - most of the 180 guests were more than happy to oblige. Upon arrival, they were escorted by the staff - who also joined in the theme dress-wise - to the hotel’s lush outdoor gardens for a souvenir photo. Everyone looked amazing and very, very “cool” in their denim jeans, dresses, and miniskirts!

Relaxing in one of the Cabanas watching the band.
The WoW Bar & Grill has been partly open for the last two months or so, however, the remodelling has transformed it completely. Located next to the swimming pool, the bar now has outdoor Cabanas large and small, with white drapes and large cushioned seats where groups of friends can sit and enjoy their own personal barbecue grill accompanied by their favourite whiskey or wine. There is also a new stage outside, on which bands will perform nightly. On this special night, a guest DJ provided a range of house and dancing music which put everyone in the right mood - a mood enhanced by the spectacular beauty of the full moon.

‘Oh, what a lovely party’ at the Shangri La Hotel.
The event was sponsored by the “Johnny Walker” company, thus ensuring that plenty of Black Label was available, complemented, of course, by quantities of red and white wine. Everywhere guests looked there were staff with trays of drinks, and not an empty glass to be seen! Alongside the pool a giant BBQ had been set up, with masses of succulent meat and fresh prawns, fish, squid, and other seafood.
At 8 pm the Shangri-La’s GM, Philip Dailey, welcomed everyone. He had promised he would only make a short speech - and he kept to his word! His welcome was followed by a fashion show based on the denim theme, courtesy of Lee Jeans, and then by some amazing ‘fire dancers & twirlers’, who occasionally came very, very close to the guests! With so many beautiful people, guests, staff and models it was very difficult to determine who was actually who; and everyone present entered into the spirit of the party to such a degree that the only word to describe this fabulous evening had to be - “WoW”!!!!
To top it all, every guest was invited to take a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label home and was offered a 20% discount when they return to the WoW Bar & Grill with their family and/or friends. It was undoubtedly an evening of Fun, Food and Fashion - now that is a First! WOW, again!


H.M. the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament 2008 returns to the Golden Triangle

“It’s like playing golf from the back of a slowly moving Range Rover!”

Thailand’s highly popular King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament returns to the hills of Northern Thailand between March 31 and April 6 this year, at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort in Chiang Rai, which also has its very own Elephant Sanctuary within its grounds. John Roberts, the resident director of elephants, works closely with the government-run Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang, and the tournament itself is a charitable event which raises money for the National Elephant Institute, also at Lampang. To date, the sum of $175,000 dollars has been donated and has been used to provide medical care, food, employment, mahout training and even an elephant ambulance. It should be pointed out that the World Wildlife Fund has stated that the sport poses no threat to the participating elephants. As one of the tournament’s founding fathers, Jim Edwards of Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in Nepal, pointed out, “Elephant Polo is like playing golf from the back of a slow-moving Range Rover!”

Although spectators are welcome to attend the practice sessions on the afternoons of March 29 and 30, the tournament itself will begin on March 31 at 10.59 am. with the ceremony of blessing the elephants, followed, at noon, by a veterinary inspection of the participating pachyderms provided by T.E.E.C’s mobile elephant clinic. The opening parade will be at 3 pm, and will show the elephants in all their glory and splendour. The first match takes place at 5 pm and is called the ‘Dream Team Match’. Throughout the following week there will be many events taking place, both on and off the field, together with social activities at the Resort for both players and spectators alike.
This is the eighth King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament; the event moved from its original site at Hua Hin to the Golden Triangle area in 2006. Elephants are a key symbol of Thailand’s history and also its future; during the tournament nothing but the utmost respect is given to the giant pachyderms. Elephant Polo is also played in Nepal and Sri Lanka and is governed by the World Elephant Polo Association which established the various tournaments’ governing rules in 1981.There are eight teams competing in this year’s tournament, including the “London Nellies Classic Ladies”, the “Dubai World Tickle”, and the “Ivories’ along with the home favourites, the “Anantara Team”. For more details of this spectacular event, please visit www.anantara elephantpolo.com.