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Chiang Mai’s Mayor announces
a “Polite and Safe Songkran”

The mayor performs religious ceremonies by sprinkling lustral water on the carriage that will carry the sacred Phra Buddha Sihing during the Songkran procession on 13 April, commencing at 2 p.m from Naowarat Bridge to Wat Phra Singh.

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Chiang Mai municipality cares for domestic animals

Following reports that there was a spread of diseases relating to animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits in our city, the Chiang Mai Livestock Office launched a campaign not only to rid the city of stray animals but also to protect them from contracting rabies and other communicable diseases.

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Mayor Dr Duentemduang conducts a pre-Songkran inspection of the moat area

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Thailand’s Condom King granted Skoll and Bill Gates awards

Many of the problems of our modern world, ranging from disease to drugs to crime to terrorism, derive from the inequalities between the rich and the poor ... be they rich nation versus poor nation or rich community versus poor community.

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Bangkok International Motor
Show 2008

This year’s motor show had some interesting developments in car technology, some new (and old) concept cars and whole range of motor cars which can be seen just as easily in your local petrol station.

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Around Town

Amazing success for a new kind
of Magic Show

Everybody was certainly nervous on the morning of March 26, or, maybe, anxious would be a better word to use! We had all heard that Chiang Mai was a “killing stage”, and that, very quickly, artists performing at the venue would be able to feel the reaction and sentiments of the spectators… good or bad.

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Pedr, landlord of the Olde Bell, celebrates his 48th birthday at Chez Marco, seen here with Marco and Beer.

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