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Fashion Show Extraordinaire raises 100,000 baht for Single Mothers Project

Fund raiser at Le Coq d’Or a stunning success

A new and surprising concept in health and beauty


Fashion Show Extraordinaire raises 100,000 baht for Single Mothers Project

Glamorous evening a great success for Soroptimists

On May 17, Soroptimist International Chiang Mai (SICM) held a Fashion Show Extraordinaire & Designers Show at the Empress Hotel’s Convention Centre, Chiang Mai, entitled “R*E*S*P*E*C*T, taking Action in Style”.
Guest of honour at the event was Dr Chao Duangduan na Chiengmai, who congratulated the SICM chapter on its first anniversary, and the MCs for the evening were Pim Kemasingki and Artchariya P. San Miguel Pratummanee. Over 180 guests were set to enjoy a most memorable night, including Lynn Ciurlonis, past President of SI Dusit and SICM grandmother and advisor, and Kathy Barnett, Thailand’s national representative to Soroptimist International.
Tenor Antoine Garth, back from an extended overseas trip, serenaded the guests with a selection of songs dedicated to women, of which his “a cappella” rendition of the Negro spiritual ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child’ was a strong favourite. After welcoming a full house of supporters, SICM President, Dr Carolina San Miguel-Thompson introduced a video which explained the plight of local single mothers in Chiang Mai Province. SICM’s Single Mothers Project had been selected to be the recipient of the proceeds of the night’s festivities.
Remi Namthep delighted the audience with her lovely and unique style of piano music during the buffet dinner, after which the show began, with designers Tananan Willson and Wit Boonma showcasing their skills by transforming a ‘volunteer’ into a glamorous model. Although suspected to be a set-up at first, this “opening number” proved to be very popular! After the applause died down, came the highlight of the evening - the Fashion Show itself, opened by professional models from ‘Catwalk’ wowing the audience by wearing Tananan Willson’s spring collection, with hair styles by Wit Boonma. This was followed by the grand entrance of the Chiang Mai celebrity models, who wore exquisite silk robe creations accented with hill tribe pieces, and comprised the US Consul General Michael Morrow and his wife Shannon, Anchalee Kalmapijit of the Hug Elephant Club, Chatima Pingpayom of G-Great Thailand Ltd, Pim Kemasingki of Citylife Magazine, Zonta and FERC volunteer extraordinaire Celeste Tolibas-Holland, and wearable arts designer Winifred Ho. Everyone agreed the show was dazzling and amazing.
The main event was followed by the Grand Prize Lucky Draw, including a prize of two round trip tickets to Bangkok, generously donated by Bangkok Airways. The SICM organising committee would like to thank its many donors and friends who gave so generously in support of the Single Mothers Project, including the Empress Hotel, Man Muang Chamber Co., Ltd, Rattanakul Press, the Legend Chiang Rai, and the Orchid Jade Factory, to name but a few. Hotels including the Chedi, the Amari Rincome and the Shangri-La also generously donated items for the Silent Auction. SICM is grateful to Tananan and Wit, as well as all its volunteer members who worked tirelessly to share this event with the Chiang Mai community.
All agreed that the delightful evening of ‘Taking Action in Style’ was an outstanding success, and were thrilled to hear that a total of 100,000 Baht had been raised for SICM’s Single Mothers Project.


Fund raiser at Le Coq d’Or a stunning success

Sally and Jo triumph again

Philip, Matt, Sally, Mohamad and Tim, all smiles at Le Coq d’Or.

Tess Itura
Last Tuesday evening, as part of the run-up of events leading to next January’s Hillside 4 Charity rooftop party, Sally and Jo, (both members of the Hillside 4 party committee and fast becoming known as the “Elsa Maxwells” of Chiang Mai’s party planners), organised a winner again - possibly the best ever! The venue - Le Coq d’Or, rated as one of the best French restaurants in South-East Asia; the guests - 60 enthusiastic supporters of the Rooftop party ranging from Pim of Citylife, (who MCs the party every year), and her mates, to John and Lois, recently returned early from a trip to Oz because they missed Chiang Mai, and not forgetting this paper’s favourite frazzled farang lady Judy, with her lovely husband Dale. To the 10 people who had to be turned away because they’d tried to book too late - you missed a great evening!
Welcomed by Sally, Jo and the CM Mail’s famous, (or should it be infamous?), photographer Steve, we gathered in the restaurant’s stylish lobby and were plied with glasses of a light, refreshing white Shiraz and nibbles whilst catching up on the gossip and waiting to be seated for the meal. On being shown to our tables and settled comfortably, dinner was served. The menu, previously agreed by Sally and Jo, (who, of course, have wide experience in such matters), consisted of 7 delicious courses, with different wines served to complement the dishes. The meal itself is being reviewed by the Chiang Mai Mail’s present “Dining Out” correspondent, Neil Robinson, who, apart from the necessity of having to scribble notes on his lap whilst eating, seemed to be enjoying himself enormously! As at any good dinner party, conversations flowed rather than ebbed, and became noisier as, attended by the restaurant’s excellent staff, the wine also flowed. The guests’ obvious enjoyment rose to a crescendo during the raffle, with prizes donated by, amongst others, Fashion King, the Chedi, the Amari Rincome and the Coq d’Or itself, which donated the “door prize” of a dinner for two.
The delicious wines, we were surprised to learn from Sally, (during a reasonably quiet conversation over coffee!), were all Thai, donated by Siam Winery especially for the occasion, and supplied by Horeca, the well known local wholesalers. Established in 1986, Siam Winery has been successfully producing fine wines for the Thai and international market at their three vineyards in the Chao Phraya Delta, Saraburi and Hua Hin ever since, enabling the company to successfully realise their original dream of creating a wine culture here in Thailand.
A truly terrific evening which ended all too soon, with everyone congratulating and thanking Sally and Jo for their efforts, happy in the knowledge that over 30,000 baht had been raised towards next year’s total! The next, and most important, event will be the annual Amari Rincome dinner at which the charity or charities will be presented and chosen, and will take place on August 2. Tickets will cost 500 baht.
Shortly afterwards, (and this is a “don’t miss” event), a Fashion Show and lunch will take place at the Shangri-La Hotel. Tickets are 350 baht, and full details of this exciting event will follow later.

Elena, Vanita, Beryl, Jonathan and Frank about
to enjoy a delightful dinner at Le Coq d’Or.

Pictured after a delicious meal and delectable wines are Lois, John, Judith, Peter, Frank and Mervyn (standing l/r) with Judy, Dale, Vanita and Alicia (seated l/r).

Socializing before dinner; Anna, Nook, Tou, Suresh,
Vuddhidej, Tong, Pair and Ake (l/r).

A new and surprising concept in health and beauty

Soqi Health and Wellness opens off Nimmanheiminda

With the ever-rising number of spas, treatment centres and massage outlets in Chiang Mai, we could have been forgiven for thinking that one more was one too many - we would have been wrong! Ever sceptical, this paper’s reporter took advantage of a “feel it for yourself” opportunity politely declined by our photographer, and arrived, somewhat stressed, at the new premises, to be greeted by the charm and enthusiasm of the owner, Reidar Ostensen, who has worked with his special treatment in China and elsewhere for many years.

A very relaxed lady client using the Body Cell Energiser at Chiang Mai’s new Soqi Health and Wellness Centre.

The treatment room itself is spacious, brand new and beautifully decorated and designed, with the treatment machines arranged so that screens can be placed to ensure privacy. The theory behind the combined treatment is based on detoxification and “tuning up” the body by means of spinal alignment, oxygenation, improvement of blood circulation, strengthening of the immune system and other benefits, and is implemented by the use of three therapeutic devices and a specially constituted pack of selected enzymes. If I understand the underlying principle behind the “techie stuff” correctly - not to mention the feeling I got after the treatments - the entire package aims at realigning the energy fields, (or Chi), present in the human body, and removing the modern life-caused obstacles and toxins which prevent those energies from functioning at their highest levels.

The traditionally inspired decor at the Soqi Centre complements the treatments exactly. Pictured here is the “Hot House” infra red treatment machine.

So - the experience itself - firstly, the Chi Machine - a small box on which one’s ankles are placed, which then vibrates sideways for repeated periods of two minutes followed by a rest of two minutes. Almost immediately, in the rest periods, I felt a tingling throughout my entire body - a very “alive” feeling, which Reidar had described as the oxygenation process. For sure, something was going on. At the same time as the Chi Machine, semi-circular infra-red panels, (the “Hot House”), were lowered over my entire body area except the head and feet, giving a very pleasant, glowing feeling to the treatment. After I reluctantly removed myself from the treatment table, it was over to the Body Cell machine, a treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine precepts and the biology of micro-molecules, which gives the body internal balancing and revitalising energy and resonance. If I hadn’t been told about the (again), “techie stuff”, I would have just said that it made me feel great!
I could describe the entire experience in a short phrase - “Crawled in under the door - leapt out over the wall!” And the feeling, physical and mental, lasted for several days. Scepticism banished, I would recommend Soqi to anyone who’s feeling stressed, unbalanced and under par, particularly after too many Ladies’ Nights on the town! Reidar tells me that the treatments can also help with weight loss, water retention problems, and that - wait for it - the effects are specifically anti-ageing! Need I say more?
Soqi is situated in Soi 15 off Nimmanheiminda Road, Tel: 053 217 057, and is open daily 10 am to 10 pm.