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International students’ first Village School Support Fund Social a success

The Glass Onion reopens with a new weekly format

Chiang Mai Choral Society International’s Summer Concert

Long Live Rock and Roll!


International students’ first Village School Support Fund Social a success

Support of a good cause can be fun!

Teo, Kiran, Tip, Janrai with the hostess Esther.

Rachel, Alida, Fern, Sandra, Alisa, Axel and Bua (l/r).

The organisers; Marzia, Craig, Eric and Esther (standing)
with Danai and Janis (seated).

Danai Gabre
& Janis Loschmann

Located just opposite the Holiday Inn, River Ping Palace is a tranquil resort that does not catch all that much attention. But on Friday, June 6, it came to life as it hosted the first Village School Support Fund End of Year Social. Bringing together international students from Lanna, Prem and CMIS, it was a great success. Despite initial moments of concern due to the DJ coming late and the possibility of rain everything went smoothly throughout the evening.

Noah, Kyra, Nina, Matt, Gabriela and Gina (l/r).

Money raised from the event goes directly to a local school in Ban Nong Pla Man, helping students purchase school equipment and lunches. The budget is carefully monitored by the head of school and the student-led VSSF group to ensure that funds are allocated based on need. The VSSF group has also been organizing events to raise money for Burma and will continue to organize future events. As many of students of the local school are Burmese refugees this VSSF fundraiser will indirectly benefit those affected by cyclone Nargis in the long-term. The End of Year Social event was an opportunity for international students to have fun and support a good cause at the same time, raising 20,000 baht.
It was perhaps one of the best socials ever, with everyone having a great time thanks to the unique atmosphere provided by River Ping Palace. An outdoor event, it felt more open; the teak wood and red lanterns lighting the proceedings provided a unique experience and a pleasant change from more usual social locations. The refreshments provided helped everyone to regain their energy from the continuous dancing. In fact, some of the younger guests seemed to enjoy the pizza more than the actual dancing!

Juliete, Timna, Pawfan, Inka, Emma, Korrina, Meena (l/r).


The Glass Onion reopens with a new weekly format

70’s Disco Night presents real vintage LP’s!

On June 6, after a brief renovation period, The Glass Onion, located off Nimmanhaemindha Road behind Room One, reopened with a 70’s Disco Night. This delightful and romantic wine bar and lounge now also contains a small disco floor and the owner, Khun Kris, has a wide range of available vintage LPs - yes, real LPs with original recordings!!!
The Glass Onion is now an elegant wine bar and lounge - the décor is stylish yet comfortable employing red as the predominant color scheme throughout. Upon entering, you are greeted by attractive, attentive and very professional staff. The space contains a long bar with every imaginable kind of liquor available. The seating at the bar is designed with large, red and very comfortable rotating armchairs, allowing you to chat with all those surrounding you. The cocktail lounge area also has a variety of plush seating areas. The drinks menu is extensive and there is also a very fine wine list. Although the Glass Onion could easily match any 5-star hotel bar, the bar prices here certainly do not - a real bargain! The bartenders can make almost any known cocktail, from a Cosmopolitan to a Bahama Mama. Kris has also trained the bar staff about the available wines; they are happy to make recommendations should you so wish.
Kris has also decided on a new weekly format, with Thursdays as ‘Boys Night Out’, Fridays as ‘Girls Night Out,’ and Saturdays as ‘Disco Night,”, although, of course, all are welcome any night - young, old, male, female and, yes, all those in between! The Glass Onion can be contacted at 053 218 479.
Having a special event? Why not contact aroundtown @chiangmai-mail.com?

Chiang Mai Choral Society International’s Summer Concert

Varied programme includes operetta, songs from the shows and Sibelius

Members of the Chiang Mai Choral Society International presented their annual summer concert at the newly renovated Multimedia Center at Payap University. Directed by Pitijet Vichitporn and accompanied by Sidney Richardson, the group offered a varied program of old and new music and presented, for the first time, Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury, a humorous look at the British legal system and a case of Breach of Promise. Namiko Yamamoto joined Sidney Richardson at the piano for the accompaniment to Trial by Jury and Blue Tango.

(Left) Namiko Tamamoto and Sid Richardson with Pitijet Vichitporn, (standing).

Starring Glynn Morgan as the self-aggrandizing judge who attained his great status and importance by marrying a rich attorney’s “elderly, ugly daughter”, and David Geddes as Edwin, (who defends his position by stating that when he grew tired of beef he simply moved on to the mutton), and the lovely Satomi Kimura as the plaintiff, Angelina, who didn’t suffer nearly so much as she claimed and seemed to have her sights more on money than love. Masakatsu Kimura was featured as the Plaintiff’s Attorney, and Frank Weicks scared the entire house with his shouts of “Silence in Court!” in the part of the Usher. The bridesmaids giggled, the jury was threatening, and it was all performed in good fun. Glynn Morgan was especially impressive as he leered at and flirted with poor sad Angelina, (who was not really sad at all!), and her bridesmaids.
After the intermission, the choral group returned to the stage for a varied program of music old and new, familiar and not. Blue Tango, a medley of Jerome Kern music, music from the Fantasticks, Give Me the Simple Life, and Yesterday by Paul McCartney and John Lennon all had the audience singing along. The adaptation by Aaron Copeland of I Bought Me a Cat brought smiles as this children’s song was performed. Sibelius’ Processional, Op. 113, No. 6 was majestic. The program ended on an upbeat and positive note with the choral society’s performance of For the Love of Music.
Community members who are interested in joining the Choral Society for its next performance at Christmas are invited to email Rebecca Lomax, President, at rebecca [email protected] hotmail.com for further information. An organizational meeting will take place on July 9 at 7 pm at the Choral Society’s practice room in Lanna Condominium, which is located off of the Superhighway near Lanna Hospital.

Principal soloists Frank Weicks (the Usher), Satomi Kimura (the fair Angela),
Glynn Morgan (the ‘impartial’ judge), Masakatsu Kimura (the Attorney)
and David Geddes (the Defendant, Edwin).

Long Live Rock and Roll!

A light-hearted history of a major musical movement

Earlier this month, the Chiang Mai International School presented a “Rock Concert”, performed with much enjoyment by over 70 children of ages ranging from kindergarten to Grade 7. It was a light hearted, inexpensive concert based on the history of rock and roll, and included the greatest rock singer of them all, Elvis’s songs, the Ed Sullivan show which brought the Beatles to America, moving on to the Woodstock generation of Hippies and ending up with Soul and Disco tunes.

The Beatles joined in the Rock Concert at CMIS.

The performance, put together by Ruthanne Pilton and Sallyanne Wichai, co-directors and also teachers at the school, lasted just under one hour, and had been rehearsed in everyone’s spare time as an after-school programme for only 5 weeks! The theme from start to finish was ‘keep it simple - keep it fun’. The kids happily sang their way through the songs, accompanied by backing tracks, often with the older children helping the little ones keep up with the words. Obviously, with such a large cast, there was bound to be a large audience; in the event, this audience was larger than many more professional productions. A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon - albeit a loud one!

The Kids from CMIS pictured with the organisers after bringing
the house down with their ‘Rock’ concert.