Vol. VII No. 33 - Tuesday  August 12 - August 18, 2008
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Happy Birthday HM Queen Sirikit

Happy Mothers Day to all

The management and staff of the Chiang Mai Mail, the Pattaya Mail, the Pattaya Blatt and the Pattaya Mail Television join the Thai people and the many others from around the world, to present our loyalty and devotion to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and best wishes for a most Happy Birthday and a long life on the occasion of her 76th birthday, 12 August 2008. We’d also like to say Happy Mothers Day to one and all. Today’s edition of the Chiang Mai Mail incorporates, with our profound love and respect, a special 12-page pullout section, courtesy of the Bureau of the Royal Household, showing a glimpse of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s remarkable life. (Photo courtesy Bureau of Royal Household)


Ethnic group’s non-Thai ID cards challenged by villagers

As many as 600 members of ethnic groups resident in Wiang Haeng sub-district who were recently issued with non-Thai ID cards allowing them to seek work are having their status challenged by their local district administrative organisation on the grounds that the majority of the documents were issued illegally without the necessary approval of local Thai residents.

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Alarming results of major Unesco/ Bureau of Social Development survey

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Scapas Night at the Chedi-totally Scandinavian

A very special night at The Chedi was held August 1, hosted by the hotel’s guest chef, Jaakko Sorsa, with the aim of promoting his recently published book, “Skapas Dining”.

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Do you want a ‘real’ pony car?

Were you one of the motoring enthusiasts that yearned after the real pony cars of the 60’s and 70’s, but couldn’t afford one then? Are you now of the age where you should be able to afford one, but genuine cars have now gone sky-high or almost unable to find? There is an answer. It is in Canada and Sean Hyland Motorsport will build it for you.

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Around Town

Everyone wins at the Charity Rooftop Dinner!

Excitement and anticipation was in the air on the evening of August 2, as the long- awaited 5th Annual Charity Rooftop Party’s dinner began.

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Karn (left) with Chan (right), with two lovely ladies shown modelling the duo’s stunning silver necklaces.

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