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Thank you Mr. Baxter

Why not a pedestrian-and cycling-friendly Old City?

Has the Rooftop Charity dinner event lost its way?


Thank you Mr. Baxter

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank you for publishing my letter of last week in regards to the Spirit House review that appeared in your paper. I would also like to thank Mr. Baxter for his enlightening response which clarified the finely nuanced semantics of his article that I had inadvertently overlooked. Much appreciated. Mr. Baxter recommends further explorations of the Chiang Mai culinary scene and I can fully appreciate the wisdom of this sagacious suggestion. What I am therefore wondering is if Mr. Baxter can be of assistance to me by allowing me the opportunity to make use of his invaluable local knowledge? What I am specifically asking is what would Mr. Baxters list of six “must visit” restaurants in Chiang Mai consist of? I know that this may be difficult to do because of so many great choices and different dining experiences on offer, but if an elite half dozen was to be selected what would be his choice? I thank you for indulging me this fancy and promise that I will visit all of the restaurants that he suggests.
Thanks once again and thank you for providing a valuable forum for informed discussion.
Best Regards,
Chris Hayward


Why not a pedestrian- and cycling-friendly Old City?

Dear Editor
Chiang Mai has one of the most beautiful old cities in Thailand. A lot of tourists like to walk or cycle there as the roads aren’t very long and so you can reach every point in the old city in about 15 minutes (walking)! The problem is that to walk or cycle in the city is very difficult and dangerous. The sidewalks are mostly in bad condition (ditches and holes) and full of dog mess, small shops, parked cars/motorcycles, trees etc., so you have to walk in the middle of the road. Also the traffic causes a lot of pollution. I think we need some motor-vehicle free zones or at least a reduction of traffic in the old city.
A pedestrian- and cycling-friendly city would have a lot of advantages—economically as Chiang Mai would be more attractive and draw more tourists; energy usage as people would use less fuel; environmentally as pollution would be reduced; health-wise as people would be healthier through walking and schoolchildren would be less at risk of obesity. I know that the new Mayor of Chiang Mai is willing to change the city in this direction, but she needs also the support of us all—Lanna people and expats.
Best regards
Max Felix Keller
Dear Max and friends,
Thank you very much for your letter regarding your problems about and suggestions for Chiang Mai City. May I inform you that all the information you gave is already in the city plans under both the governor and the Mayor’s responsibilities. Some issues may take time but the problems are not being ignored, but tailored to available budgets. Please be patient, everything will be attended to. Thank you for your support.
Best regards
Boong Chaladlam
Chiang Mai Friends Group

Has the Rooftop Charity dinner event lost its way?

Dear Editor
I have supported the Hillside Rooftop Party Charity for four years but am concerned about the direction this organization is taking. Every year with friends, I have looked forward to the Amari dinner to have a chance to vote for the foundation to benefit from our donations. However this year I was most surprised to find I had no say in the matter and that the decision was solely down to the faceless committee. Why has that changed? Why make foundations present to 200 diners when only a small group of people decide the outcome? What purpose did the event serve other than to allow everyone to have dinner at a nice hotel where only 100 baht went to the charity fund?
I am becoming disillusioned with this fundraising event. When Mr Stevie Arnold ran things it was all about the foundations. I remember the Schools for Life year when all the kids were involved. Now it seems to be about people going to fancy dan restaurants and 5 star hotels all the time.
This is an event that has lost its way.
Disappointed Donor

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