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September 16 - September 22, 2008

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CMU seminar held to discuss media reporting of political crisis

CM Joint replacement clinic uses minimally invasive operating techniques and local screening

Stunning elephant painted wedding dress heads display at Holiday Inn

CMU seminar held to discuss media reporting of political crisis

Saksit Meesubkwang
A seminar which discussed the duty of the media to report crisis situations with accuracy and fairness was held September 7 at CMU’s Faculty of Mass Communication, attended by representatives from 3 Chiang Mai universities.

Pictured are mass communication academics from 3 Chiang Mai universities during the recent seminar.

During the present political crisis which resulted in the declaration of a state of emergency in Bangkok, it was feared that the mass media was being used as a political tool to inflame the situation and to influence public opinion with the intent of provoking further violence.
The Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Assistant Prof. Sodsri Pai-Inchan, opened the seminar by stating that, at present, the mass media should be reporting the changing situation responsibly, and with impartiality, without efforts to influence public opinion. Lecturer Srithon Rojanasupot, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Payap University, noted that, in general, both aspects of the political conflict had been represented, with no preference given to either side. However, she continued, a neutral area of information should be provided, thus publicizing developments in the correct manner.
Dr. Jiraporn Wittayasakpan, from CMU, stated that the present resistance to finding a solution came not from differing political ideologies, but from differing patterns of thought amongst the general public as well as the politicians involved.
As a result, the seminar concluded that all contrasting viewpoints should be reported fairly and objectively, will all relevant opinions publicised as such. The general public should be encouraged to understand the principles of democracy. Finally, Dr. Jiraporn mentioned the specific duty of NBT to publicise governmental procedures, and suggested strongly that the service should not be used to vilify opposition to the government, which should be setting a good example to the media in general.
Assist. Prof. Annop Limpanarom, also from CMU, agreed with Dr. Jiraporn in that the government was using NBT as a tool, and that an objective account of the issues behind the present conflict should be publicised. Only penetrative information should be provided to the public, as, if a national media station is used to influence opinion, the government could be accused of using public property for its sole advantage.


CM Joint replacement clinic uses minimally invasive operating techniques and local screening

Saksit Meesubkwang
Due to an increase in the number of patients in the city with orthopaedic problems involving knee and hip joints, the Total Joint Replacement (TJR) clinic at Vejthani Hospital is cooperating with the clinic of Dr. Sutthee Sutat na Ayudthaya, a well-known Chiang Mai orthopaedic surgeon, to offer computer-assisted minimally invasive surgery which involves less recovery time and a more reliable result than traditional methods.

Pictured is Dr. Suthee explaining the new surgical and screening techniques.

Decaying joint problems are more common in the north of Thailand than in other regions, particularly in the elderly, due to the traditional cultural practice of sitting on the floor. Older retired foreigners resident in the city and neighbouring provinces also add to the increasing numbers of sufferers from this painful condition.
In the past it was necessary for patients to travel to Bangkok for related medical services before their operations, increasing costs considerably. As a result of the new agreement, prior screening will be able to take place in Chiang Mai at the TJR centre, the first of its kind in Thailand. The new minimally invasive operating techniques are expected to also extend the period of use of replacement joints from 5 years to an average of 20-30 years before replacement is necessary.

Stunning elephant painted wedding dress heads display at Holiday Inn

The highlight of Maross’ show was the wedding dress from ELE,
painted by Ning Ning.

CMM Reporters
The recent Wedding Fair, “Season of Love,” held in the Nanta Ballroom at the Holiday Inn, featured a show of spectacular wedding dresses by Maross, including the star turn, a dress made entirely from the now famous elephant painted silk. The elephant artist involved is the 3 year old “Ning-Ning,” resident at the Elephant Life Experience, (ELE), in Maetaman valley. A very talented pachyderm!
During the 2 day event, visitors were able to browse jewellery and cosmetics booths, with experts on hand to advise. Food and wine tastings were popular, as were wedding and photography studios. Holiday Inn specialist staff are happy to advise on planning an event, and can be contacted on 053-275-300 or [email protected] hichiangmai.net.

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