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Khon Kaen University improves English language web pages

Khon Kaen University improves English language web pages

KKU News Reporters
Up-to-date news from Khon Kaen University (KKU), with international academic news and analysis contained in the website, will be offered shortly on improved English language pages.

The newly-developed and improved KKU website.
The virtually infinite range of information available on the internet has made it an indispensable medium for students and professionals around the world. In the past, TVs, radios, gramophones, telephones, films and libraries were essential tools for information, entertainment and communication. Today the internet can be used to watch television, listen to radio, download music and movies, gaming, phoning, faxing, chatting, blogging, voting, finding cheap flights and hotel rooms, etc, etc.
The possibilities of finding and sharing information on virtually any topic are endless.
What makes the internet unique is its worldwide accessibility around the clock.
Now, almost every government, organization and private company has its own website, which allows them to communicate directly with the public. KKU is a world-class academic institution, meeting the highest international standards in tertiary education. As a part of KKU’s increasing internationalisation, the university is now launching an improved version of its English language website, which is to serve as its international information portal.
Assistant Professor Dr. Winai Jaikan, vice president for community affairs and responsible for KKU public relations, said that the factors mentioned earlier have supported the dissemination of facts and information of KKU’s work and activities to international standards. “An English language version of the website is necessary and we have now upgraded it in terms of design and content. The KKU English website is regularly updated and provides up-to-date news on the activities of the university,” he stated.
Please visit KKU’s English language website at www. kku.ac.th/eng, or by accessing KKU’s home page and clicking on the English version’s menu. If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the website, please email KKU at [email protected]

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