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November 18 - November 24, 2008

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Chiang Mai Mail celebrates 6 years and 300 editions of informing and entertaining


Chiang Mai Mail celebrates 6 years and 300 editions of informing and entertaining

We’re looking forward to 7 - and many more

Elena Edwards
Anniversaries… they come and go, often forgotten or ignored, equally often used as just another excuse for a night out. The meaningful element of recognising a milestone seems, these days, to be somewhat “left out” of our consciousness. However, anniversaries truly are milestones, times when we should look at our achievements, examine our mistakes, and plan for the times ahead. Then, perhaps, we should toast the entirety, the good times and the bad, in champagne, (or even Chang…), and get on with our lives.
This newspaper, recently, enjoyed two anniversaries, although perhaps “enjoyed” was the wrong word as we’ve been mostly too busy to take notice of either event.
On October 26, the Chiang Mai Mail reached the grand young age of 6 years, and, this last week, we’ve been in preparation for our 300th issue.
These last 6 years have been interesting, to say the least, and events look to become even more so in the immediate future, with the seemingly irresolvable political crisis here in Thailand heading for a major collision with the effects on Asia in general of the worldwide economic meltdown. Plenty, then, for a newspaper to publish… bad news, it’s said, sells papers.
But, so does good news, and there’s plenty of that, with positive reports from charities and of amazing experiences such as last week’s Loy Krathong festival in all its traditional glory.
I’ve been told by many of our readers - and it’s certainly true of my own experience - that they first encounter the Mail through a Google search, made in the early stages of plans to emigrate to Chiang Mai, and have found it very helpful in many ways. Not the least, it would seem, is that our articles and news stories give a ‘flavour’ of the city and of Thailand itself. After all, when the familiar in one’s country of origin becomes the unfamiliar and unacceptable, we have to have a new vision to cling on to. Admittedly, that new vision tends to shift its focus when we actually arrive, but, in these rapidly changing times, one has to start somewhere.
As a local newspaper aimed at the English-speaking community, we’ve always tried to keep in touch with readers’ expectations, and to provide them with verified information on many aspects of life here. Cultural disparities come into play here, and often cause difficulties – for example, it would seem that Thais do not require weeks of advance notice for their events, and perhaps the word “deadline” occasionally falls on deaf ears. We expats, of course, like to plan our social lives well in advance, and the CM Mail team often despairs of ever getting this 100% right on our readers’ behalf.
Keeping abreast of news from immigration, the police and the local authority has also been a challenge, although a lot less so lately, thanks to Chiang Mai Friends’ Group and our now not- so- new Lady Mayor, whose cultural and environmental plans for our chosen city seem to please most of our readers.
All of which leads me to ask, what do readers require of us “on the ground”, here in Chiang Mai? Apart from the usual requests for advance notification of varied events in the city, answers to this question have been as difficult to determine as next week’s stock market movements.
We have a considerable circulation, and we’re proud that the paper seems to be much appreciated by our readers for its content and presentation. Our challenge in our 7th year will be to improve our service both to our readers and our advertisers - a considerable task in these difficult economic times - and to become the voice of our community here in Chiang Mai, with a focus on integration with the Thai community, care for the city and its surroundings’ precious environment, and the giving of verified information on all subjects.
And, of course, our online presence will, we hope, continue to inform and encourage people to come to Chiang Mai and create their new life with a sense of security and belonging.


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