Recession Restaurant Review


David Bennett
You know what it’s like…you sometimes just fancy a thin-crust frutti di mare pizza, maybe some French fries, or some Italian pasta. Somewhere in the town…a 20 baht, 20 minute songtaew ride away from the centre, a few doors from the Airport Plaza Rimping supermarket, and right next door to Wine Connection! Kinlen also serves Mexican food that my friends like very much, but about which I know nothing, as I always thought Burritos were a hardy breed of mule…
The best part about Kinlen is that it’s located well away from the traffic in the centre of Nim Daily’s upmarket outdoor plaza. The music is not loud. In a nutshell, it’s a nice, quiet comfortable outdoor place to meet up.
The best part of all this is that you don’t have to order a tasty Burger at 90 baht, good quality French fries, served hot at 65 baht or an authentic Pizza Siciliana for 189 baht and then pay 750 baht for a bottle of wine that should be seeing duty as a toilet-cleaning material! What you do is this. You pop next door to Wine Connection and choose, say, a nice Chilean red 2005 retailing at 325 baht. Wine Connection’s friendly staff will then open the bottle and bring it to your table with some very nice glasses. You will be charged…just 325 baht. Kinlen are completely OK with this. This is the only place I know where you have a pleasant outdoor ambiance, good Thai and Western food and wine at supermarket prices. How civilized! Only in Thailand!


Oysters ‘Taco’ style

Oysters always have a little magic associated with them, and for many there is nothing to beat oysters natural with a little lemon juice and Tabasco, but don’t believe everything you hear about the power of oysters.
However, there are many ways of presenting oysters, and one interesting recipe comes from Louisiana. Many years ago, there was an immigration of Yugoslavians to Louisiana, where they settled along the mouth of the Mississippi River. Many became oyster farmers. Since they were known by their nickname, ‘Tacos’, this gave rise to this way of presenting oysters.

Cooking Method
Place oysters on the half-shell on baking tray. Cut bacon rashers into small pieces and cover the oyster. Add the Tabasco, lemon juice, tomato sauce, salt and pepper and a little sugar. Now cover each with shredded cheese (the more flavorsome varieties work best here).
Bake at 450 degrees F for 10 minutes, or until the cheese begins to bubble.
Using tongs, place oyster shells on a base of rock salt and serve immediately.

Ingredients                      Serves 2
Oysters in the half shell                      12
Bacon                                    4 rashers
Lemon juice                               tspn
Tabasco sauce                             dash
Salt and pepper
Tomato sauce                           4 tspns
Granulated sugar                       tspn
Cheese, finely shredded              cup