Vol. VIII No. 16 - Tuesday  April 21 - April 27, 2009
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Chiang Mai forgets political morass
to party-in the Thai New Year

A slightly soggy Songkran as storms join
in this wonderful traditional festival

Water guns at the ready, these young revellers join in Chiang Mai’s 2009 Songkran celebrations.

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Mixed feelings and objectives as Bangkok protests end

Three weeks of demonstrations by UDD supporters ended early last week in an anticlimactic climb-down and warrants for the arrest of the movement’s leaders. An arrest warrant was also issued for ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra.
The original aim of the protests, to bring down PM Abhisit Vejjajiva and his government and force a general election, led to street battles involving weapons and extreme violence, two deaths of local residents (themselves uninvolved as protestors), the transference of the riots to Pattaya, causing the cancellation of the ASEAN finance ministers’ summit, and the somewhat belated involvement of the military, which finally brought the remaining 2,000 hard-core protestors to their knees.
The divisive involvement from afar of ex-PM Thaksin ended with his interview, shown both on CNN and the BBC’s world services, which contrasted strongly in its presentation, its inaccuracies and its general air of confusion with a similar interview given by PM Abhisit.

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Petrol bomb components found behind red-shirts’ stage at City Hall

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CMF’s day out at Ban Papai

Earlier this month, a visit was arranged by Chiang Mai Friends group to Ban Papai, the self-sufficiency village located in beautiful countryside a short drive from Doi Saket.

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Sports 1 liter

The main contenders are without surprise, Honda’s Fireblade, Kawasaki’s ZX1000 and Yamaha’s R1. Suzuki showed only the GSXR750, not the flagship 1 liter version. Honda, for whatever reason showcased a Fireblade not being the latest model, i.e., without the fly by wire braking, the “combined” ABS (C-ABS) as it is known.

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Hide and Seek – Social Commentary in Contemporary Burmese Art

The latest talk in Suriya Gallery’s ‘Art and Ideas’ series was given recently by Jacqueline Suter from Gold Leaf; appropriately entitled, Hide and Seek...Social Commentary in Contemporary Burmese Art.

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Hostess Naphat Nutsati (3rd right) pictured with guests
at the Tamarind Village Hotel’s Wine and BBQ Dinner.

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