BBQ Pork Korean style

With the poor old pig having been cleared by the authorities as not having a sniffle, let alone the flu, here is a very tasty way of cooking pork. Use the BBQ plate, but it will also work on a BBQ griddle. In the conventional Korean BBQ you let the juices run off into a soup stock receptacle, which you can do BBQ plates. This recipe calls for at least 60 minutes of marinade, which is the secret of giving it the oriental flavor.

Cooking Method
Cut the meat into thin bite-sized pieces. In a shallow bowl mix the soy sauces, spring onion, garlic, ginger root, pepper and sesame oil. Stir the meat into the marinade and ensure it is all coated, sprinkle with coriander and let stand in the fridge for 60 minutes.
Brush the BBQ griddle with sunflower oil, heat and quickly BBQ the meat for about one minute on each side.
Serve with boiled rice and bean sprouts.

Ingredients                           Serves 3-4
Pork                                           500 gm
Dark soy sauce                         2 tbspns
Light soy sauce                        2 tbspns
Spring onion finely chopped                 1
Garlic crushed                         2 cloves
Ginger root grated                       1 tspn
Sesame oil                                1 tspn
Sunflower oil                              2 tspn
Ground black pepper                 1 pinch
Coriander leaf chopped              1 pinch